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Foundations of Open Enterprise Server for NetWare
(Course 3080)

Test 050-696 objectives

Test objectives

  1. Describe the Evolution of NetWare
  2. Describe Open Enterprise Server
  3. Upgrade to Open Enterprise Server
  4. Identify Open Enterprise Server Features
  5. Decide Which OES Services to Install
  6. Describe the Admin Object
  7. Create User Objects
  8. Modify User Objects
  9. Move Objects
  10. Disable and Delete User Objects
  11. Identify the Role and Benefits of Micro Focus eDirectory
  12. Identify How Micro Focus eDirectory Works
  13. Identify and Describe Micro Focus eDirectory Components
  14. Identify and Describe Micro Focus eDirectory Object Classes
  15. Identify the Flow and Design of the Micro Focus eDirectory Tree
  16. Identify the Operating System Components of OES NetWare
  17. Use Server Console Commands to Manage OES NetWare
  18. Use Configuration Files
  19. Identify the Utilities to Remotely Manage OES NetWare
  20. Describe the OES Windows Client
  21. Install the OES Windows Client
  22. Access Micro Focus eDirectory and the Workstation
  23. Set Client Properties
  24. Identify Network File Service Components
  25. Identify Types of OES NetWare Volume Storage
  26. Implement Micro Focus iFolder
  27. Identify the Types of Network Security Provided by OES NetWare
  28. Understand How OES NetWare File System Security Works
  29. Plan File System Rights
  30. Identify Directory and File Attributes
  31. Identify the Guidelines for Planning Network Volumes
  32. Identify the Content and Purpose of OES NetWare Sys Directories
  33. Identify the Types of Directories Used for Organizing a File System
  34. Evaluate Directory Structures
  35. Describe Micro Focus eDirectory Security
  36. Determine How Rights Flow
  37. Block Inherited Rights
  38. Determine Micro Focus eDirectory Effective Rights
  39. Troubleshoot Micro Focus eDirectory Security
  40. Identify the Features of Micro Focus iPrint
  41. Identify the Types of OES NetWare Printers
  42. Manage Network Printing
  43. Configure Micro Focus iPrint
  44. Internally Secure a Network
  45. Troubleshoot Common Internal Security Problems
  46. Identify How to Provide External Network Security with a Firewall
  47. Identify Prerequisite Requirements
  48. Perform Pre-Installation Tasks
  49. Install OES NetWare

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Test #050-696: standard test

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.


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