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Open Enterprise Server for NetWare Advanced Administration
(Course 3082)

Test 050-707 objectives

Test objectives

  1. Migrate Your Server to OES NetWare
  2. Troubleshoot Common Migration Problems
  3. Using Network Management Tools
  4. Identify the Troubleshooting Features of Network Management Tools
  5. Identify the Purpose and Function of IP/IPX Troubleshooting Tools
  6. Identify Additional Network Troubleshooting Resources
  7. Identify Server Hardware and Operating System Components
  8. Troubleshoot and Resolve NetWare Server Issues
  9. Troubleshoot and Resolve Critical Server Abends
  10. Troubleshoot and Resolve Server Communication Issues
  11. Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Databases and Processes
  12. Identify Micro Focus eDirectory Troubleshooting Steps
  13. Use Micro Focus iMonitor Reports to Obtain Server and Micro Focus eDirectory Information
  14. Perform Health Checks
  15. Describe How NMAS Works
  16. Manage Login and Post-Login Sequences
  17. Use Graded Authentication
  18. Implement Universal Password
  19. Use Micro Focus iManager 2.5
  20. Use the DSTRACE Utility from the Server Console
  21. Manage OES NetWare IP Addresses
  22. Describe How NSS Works
  23. Create NSS Pools and Volumes
  24. Mount CDs and DVDs as NSS Volumes
  25. Encrypt NSS Volumes
  26. Move and Split NSS Volumes
  27. Implement Software RAID with NSS
  28. Troubleshoot Common NSS Problems
  29. Implement Pool Snapshot
  30. Implement Versioning
  31. Describe How the Server Message Block Protocol Works
  32. Implement CIFS on OES NetWare
  33. Prepare for a Primary Domain Controller on OES NetWare
  34. Create a PDC on OES NetWare
  35. Remove Domain Information from OES NetWare
  36. Describe How DFS Works
  37. Create Junctions
  38. Enable DFS Junction Support for CIFS Clients
  39. Describe How iSCSI Works
  40. Configure the iSCSI Target
  41. Configure the iSCSI Initiator
  42. Manage iSCSI Sessions
  43. Describe the Role and Function of the Apache Web Server
  44. Manage the Apache Web Server
  45. Describe the Role and Function of the Tomcat Servlet
  46. Manage Tomcat
  47. Troubleshooting Tomcat

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Test #050-707: standard test

Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.


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