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Certified Linux Engineer 11

Test 050-723 objectives

Test objectives

Course 3107: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Networking Services

  • Configure Networking on SLES 11
  • Understand Linux Network Bridges
  • Bond Network Adapters
  • Configure Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Manage SCSI Devices on Linux
  • Describe how Fibre Channel SANs Work
  • Implement a SAN with iSCSI
  • Understand Virtualization Technology
  • Implement SLES 11 as a Xen Host Server
  • Implement SLES 11 as a Xen Guest
  • Describe Server Hardening
  • Harden a SLES 11 Server
  • Harden Servers with AppArmor
  • Implement an IDS
  • Describe How SMT Works
  • Install and Configure an SMT Server
  • Configure SMT Client Systems
  • Stage Repositories
  • Design a Backup Strategy
  • Use Linux Tools to Create Backups
  • Implement Multipath I/O
  • Document the Server
  • Monitor Log Files with logwatch
  • Monitor Network Hosts with Nagios

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