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How to Prepare for a Test

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It's Easy to Pass When You Know How

Get the necessary training

The premiere method to prepare for a test is to take a Authorized course from one of Training Services' many authorized training centers located around the world. Instructor-led training is available at a Academic Training Partner or a Commercial Training Partner. Other study options are available. As individual learning styles differ, we recommend that you talk to your local Academic Partner or Commercial Partner to see what's available and what's recommended for each course.

Review the course and test objectives

A thorough understanding of the course and test objectives is recommended prior to taking the test.

Sign the certification agreement

You will have the opportunity to agree electronically to the Certification Agreement at the end of your exam. Please read a copy of the agreement (PDF) before you take your exam so you will know the terms and conditions you are agreeing to. You can download a copy of the agreement and send it in, or read and agree to it on-line.

Good luck in your Authorized training and certification endeavors!

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