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Testing Formats and Theory

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Traditional testing

Traditional tests typically contain 60-70 test items and deliver the same set of questions to every test taker, regardless of the test taker's level of knowledge or proficiency. Your score on a traditional test depends on the number of questions you answer correctly. If you know a great deal about a topic, you can expect to answer more questions correctly than someone who knows less. Traditional tests have a long history and have proven very useful.

Practicum testing

In addition to Traditional testing, Training Services delivers practicum testing. The Practicum, is designed to be extremely rigorous. It tests your working skills, not just your testing skills. The biggest problem in the industry is a shortage of skilled IT professionals. Bottom line is that employers are looking for individuals with experience, knowledge, and proven IT skills. Employees, and potential employees, need a way to prove that they are the best at what they do.


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