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Import users from CSV to GroupWise 2014

Here is a utility that will take a CSV file and create GroupWise users in a GW 2014 system.   It will create the users as GroupWise only users, meaning they will not be associated to either a eDirectory or Active Directory account.

Import users from Active Directory to GroupWise 2014

GroupWise 2014 now supports ties to Active Directory,  meaning that the GroupWise users can be associated to Active Directory accounts.

Novell Service Desk – Creating custom reports using ZENworks Reporting 5 (ZR5)

The intent of this cool solution is to provide you with Novell Service Desk Reporting package (domain) and provide few basic steps for using ZENworks Reporting 5 (ZR5) for creating customized reports outside of the service desk product.

How to Print from Microsoft Office for iOS – Part II

Microsoft now lets you print directly from within Office for iOS. In the first part, of this now series of articles, we showed you how you could use two different methods to print: Email and Open-In. With this latest update, you can now use the third method of mobile printing supported by iPrint and that is Apple’s AirPrint.

Empty Vaults: When Enterprise Data isn’t on the Network

Your corporate network is secure and reliable; the problem is that your data isn’t getting there…

Print, Siri!

If you are wondering, or if your users have asked, how to print Office for iOS documents, here are two ways you can use Novell iPrint to solve your problem.

GroupWise Events in Europe!

Earlier this month, I spent two weeks meeting with approximately 200 individual customers, partners, and employees to explain all of the value in GroupWise 2014, and to also share in the tremendous enthusiasm and continued excitement about Novell’s products, solutions, and technology.

Novell Service Desk – Creating Custom Reports using Pentaho Report Designer (versions 3.8.3 GA & 5.0.1)

The intent of this cool solution is to provide you with few basic steps on using  Pentaho Report Designer, version 3.8.3 GA or version 5.0.1 for creating customized reports outside of the service desk product.

GroupWise 2014 Support from Advansys

Advansys has been working closely with the GroupWise engineering team during the beta phase and is finalizing new versions of Archive To Go and Formativ to support GroupWise 2014.

Consultant’s Corner: GroupWise 2014 GroupWise Administration Utility (gwadminutil)

Folks we have a new command line utility for GroupWise! For those that love command line, you will love this one. For those that wonder ‘What happened to all the GUI we used to have?’ Sorry, I can sympathize. But just wait til you see what can be done!

GroupWise Resource Archive – April 2014

With the new GroupWise 2014 now available, use the free GroupWise Resource Archive to research discussions between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants.

Novell Product Update: Heartbleed Announcement

We have produced new versions of the three products that use OpenSSL 1.0.1.g, which fixes the Heartbleed vulnerability.  Customers who are current on maintenance will have access to all of the download files in Novell Customer Center.

Godaddy SSL Certificates for Filr

This is a step by step guide to import Godaddy SSL certificates into Filr. This guides you through creating a new Certificate & key pair in Filr, making a CSR, requesting a certificate from Godaddy and then importing the certificate and associated intermediate (bundle) certs into Filr.

Webinar: Best Practices for Virtualizing GroupWise

Are you thinking about redesigning your GroupWise system? If you are, then make sure you register for this hands-on webinar on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM EST with GroupWise expert, Gregg Hinchman.

Replace images in the Novell Messenger Client

If you wish to offer a corporate image in the Novell Messenger system and replace the existing image on the main screen of the Novell client Messenger, you can use this procedure.

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