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GroupWise 2014 Just Got Even Better With New Software Release

If you’re using Micro Focus’ GroupWise 2014 workforce productivity suite, then you’re already familiar with its streamlined messaging, scheduling task and contact management services. Now, it’s time to add even more value to your investment by upgrading to the latest software version of GroupWise just released today,

Redirecting diagnostics information to a third party tool

If you are using a third party application to monitor your primary servers’ health in the zone, and if you want the information, that is being collected as part of diagnostics tab (in ZCC) available to your application, then you are in the right place.

Stave Off the Dark Side of the Web With ZENworks Full Disk Encryption

In your battle against cybercrime, you’re feeling a bit like Han Solo and the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the dark side: You’re overwhelmed, to say the least. If only you had the power of the Force at your fingertips to keep your business’s sensitive data safe from prying eyes, your job would be …

ZENworks Community Technical Webinars for Jan-Mar

We’ve had a tremendously successful first quarter of ZENworks Community Webinars. I hope you are finding them useful. I’m pleased to announce the schedule for the next quarter. Based on the information from the Ideas portal the following are the topics for Jan – Mar 2016: January 6, 2016 – ZENworks Strategy, Vision and Roadmap January …

Update on 11.4.1

Just a quick post to update you on the status of 11.4.1. We released 11.4.1 to a group of Lighthouse customers last week to deploy into their production environment. Those customers have identified two critical issues that need to be resolved before we ship this to the broader customer base. We are working to resolve those …

Getting to know our customers in new ways

As you can probably tell from the increased volume in blogging, webinars and other activities we are really trying to help you as our customers get the most of out ZENworks. We’re also trying to make sure we really understand how our customers are using the products, where the pain points are, where are the …

Simplifying Your Migration to OES 2015 through File Reporter and Storage Manager

The recent release of OES 2015 is a big leap forward in terms of both capabilities and reliability. With the expanded storage capacity for network volumes, NSS file system access from Microsoft Active Directory, iPrint enhancements, and an extensive range of performance improvements, upgrading to OES 2015 should be a the objective of every customer …

Managing ZENWorks services using systemctl

As we know every major Linux distribution has adopted systemd as their default init system. Init system is the one which manages the services. Prior to using systemd, Linux distributions were using various init systems with System V(SysV) being the most common one. This article is not about systemd. There are already enough details on …

GroupWise Resource Archive – November 2015

Advansys is pleased to make available the latest edition of the free GroupWise Resource Archive, which enables easy research of discussions between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants.

News Flash: Your Business Is Quickly Outgrowing Its File Storage Capacity

Your IT department’s workload is steadily growing year over year as your company continues to rely on it to facilitate new business initiatives. Like over 70 percent of organizations, it’s now using big data to remain competitive. And with a fresh budget heading into 2016, there’s no question that the size—and complexity—of your network will …

Using ZENworks System Update Agent Settings to Implement User Initiated Updates

One of the things I’ve heard several times from customers lately is that they wish there was a way that they could allow end users to control when the agent side system update is deployed. This is typically in environments like hospitals, where an untimely update or reboot could have life threatening…

ZENworks Asset Management maintenance now includes training

If you are a customer that owns ZENworks Asset Management either as a standalone product, or as part of the ZENworks Suite, and you haven’t yet been able to figure out how to use ZENworks Asset Management to its full potential — I have good news! We’ve upgraded your maintenance for ZENworks Asset Management to include access …

FreeRadius on OES 2 with Group Integration

How to install and integrate FreeRadius on OES 2 to use simple group membership to determine access via RADIUS.

Help us improve ZENworks Reporting!

As we work towards ZENworks 2016, one of the key things we are aiming for is to improve your experience with ZENworks Reporting. With upcoming release of ZR 5.6, we have already made a shift to Appliance only model and have tremendously improved upon the installation and upgrade experience. In ZENworks 2016, we are looking to …

Troubleshooting the ZENworks Agent CTW recording now available!

We had another great Community Technical Webinar today delivered by Ingo from our European support center and Indumathi from our development team. They provided some great ideas on how the ZENworks Adaptive Agent works and how to troubleshoot problems that may arise.

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