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Psuedo User based Assignments of Mac OS-X Bundles in ZENworks 11SP2+

ZENworks 11SP2 added support for Mac OS-X bundle management, but bundles can only be assigned to devices. This article provides a way using the ldapsearch tool and a bundle to allow assignments from being made available to specific users, groups or folders in your environment.

iFolder or Filr?

Many of you have entitlements to Filr through your Novell Open Enterprise Server licensing, so you could start experimenting with Filr today. But we realize that some of you may be wondering: What about iFolder?

GroupWise: Google says: Gmail equals no privacy!

Check out this news report where Google admits in court proceedings that your emails are NOT private!! Anyone still considering Google/Gmail for anything other than SPAM?

Novell Service Desk: Best practices & System planning

Here are some documents to help you set up the best Novell Service Desk system design and deployment for your organization.  They help you focus on the right features and functions to address your specific considerations and configurations.

ZENworks 11 SP3 Share and Subscribe

ZENworks 11 SP3 makes it easy to share bundles and policies in one zone with another zone in your production environment, your lab environment, or even across the Internet.

New IT Project Request Form and Workflow

With the many things there are to do in the IT World, finding new projects that are worthwhile is difficult to do. To help, we’ve created a custom form and workflow to help you weed through the numerous project requests you receive.

ZENworks 11 SP3 Update

We’ve been hard at work on the next service pack for ZENworks 11. I wanted to take a just a minute and update you on how things are progressing.

CoolTool – DSfW: Provisioning using python script

Here’s a script that makes it faster to use the DSfW Provisioning Plugin with just the password inputs.  

Blocking the SLES11 SP3 bundles flowing onto OES11 SP1 Servers via ZEN11 SP2

OES11 SP1 is supported on SLES11 SP2 but not on SLES11 SP3. If SLES11 SP3 bundles are applied on OES11 SP1 servers via ZEN11 SP2, the bundle installation will go through without any warning messages, which may break the OES11 SP1 Services.  To avoid this, follow the steps in this article to block the SLES11 SP3 bundles flowing onto OES11 SP1 Servers.

Configuring NSS Volume as a Content Repo on OES Satellite Server

If you have an OES server  in a remote office, you can use that same server to host ZEN Satellite Server and the Content Repo on an NSS Volume.  This is a good way to get more from your hardware and network bandwidth.

Using SUSE Manager for OES Management

In response to popular demand, they have made it possible to manage OES11 systems using SUSE Manager.  It can also be used to upgrade to OES11SP1.

Novell Vibe 3.4 Ships!

Novell has released Vibe 3.4!   It is now available for download and deployment.

GroupWise Windermere – The Evolution for Admins & Developers

Tommy Mikkelsen talks about the new Administrator Interface as well as about the new programming API, that you can find in the next version of GroupWise, codenamed “Windermere”.

Filr 1.0 Hot Patch available

A Filr 1.0 patch released July 2 prevents the unintentional purging of the Home folder or Net Folder from occurring.

The Novell Consulting Installation Framework – AutoYaST

By enhancing AutoYaST and combining it with ZENworks Configuration Management we were able to develop a way to easily implement standardized installation, configuration and update of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) as well as of Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES). This AppNote describes how to implement the AutoYasT part of the solution in your environment.

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