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Novell Vibe 3.4 Ships!

Novell has released Vibe 3.4!   It is now available for download and deployment.

GroupWise Windermere – The Evolution for Admins & Developers

Tommy Mikkelsen talks about the new Administrator Interface as well as about the new programming API, that you can find in the next version of GroupWise, codenamed “Windermere”.

Filr 1.0 Hot Patch available

A Filr 1.0 patch released July 2 prevents the unintentional purging of the Home folder or Net Folder from occurring.

The Novell Consulting Installation Framework – AutoYaST

By enhancing AutoYaST and combining it with ZENworks Configuration Management we were able to develop a way to easily implement standardized installation, configuration and update of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) as well as of Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES). This AppNote describes how to implement the AutoYasT part of the solution in your environment.

Configuring a SMTP Server for Email Notifications in ZENworks

This document will help ZENworks Administrator(s) to set up and configure a SMTP server for email notifications.

The world calls it mobility. Novell calls it life.

Users need the ability to access and work on files from anywhere, print them to any available printer from any location, and perform both of these tasks from whatever device they choose to use.  Novell offers a solution that addresses each of these discrete mobility needs.

CoolTool: Dynamic Workstation Group automatic creation from template for ZENworks Configuration Management

Automatically create multiple Dynamic Workstations Groups with one “Device-Hostname” filter.

GroupWise: Windermere Authorized BETA Underway!

Configuring a Novell GroupWise Server with Novell Service Desk

This excellent Cool Solution details how to configure a Novell GroupWise Server with Novell Service Desk.  This will help you address issues you might have with customers who can’t receive email communications, since email is essential to how Service Desk helps you handle user requests.

Configuring NetIQ Access Manager as Reverse Proxy for Filr Site

Here’s a detailed  article about how you can configure NetIQ Access Manager to act as Proxy service for a Filr site. This will help you provide the ease of single sign-on and ensure that the requests processed at a Filr site are from a trusted source.

Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 Released

Released today, Novell Storage Manager 3.1.1 includes a number of new management capabilities and bug fixes that Storage Manager customers will want to leverage right away.

CoolTool: (GroupWise) uninstall script

Here’s a powerful Windows CMD script which was developed to remove GroupWise Clients (those that utilize MSI) which were installed with all different configurations throughout the enterprise.  You could use this code to query any string to uninstall any product.

Distribution and installation of Filr 1.0 Windows Desktop Clients in Silent mode using ZENworks 11.2.3a

This article explains how to distribute and install Filr Windows desktop  clients using ZENworks Bundles.  If Filr needs to be deployed in a huge environment, these steps would help save a lot of time in deploying Filr 1.0 Windows desktop clients.

Roll up your sleeves and try Filr, with Novell Filr Hands-on Guide

If you’re interested in seeing exactly how Novell Filr works, you need to check this out.  They’ve created a Hands-on Guide designed to help you experience Filr by downloading two pre-configured VMs and performing basic Filr administration and end-user tasks involving those VMs.

GroupWise: Windermere Administration

One of the cornerstone features to GroupWise in the upcoming release of Windermere is a completely new Administration Console.  Dean Lythgoe shares a few details and screen shots of how this experience is going to change.

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