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BrainShare: The Next Generation

 How do you introduce the power of Novell to start building the next generation of fans … let us help you with a new promo for BrainShare 2014…

Yashwanth Bellur explains how to enable HTTPS protocol on Novell Service Desk.

CoolTool: GroupWise System Worksheets, LibreOffice Template

GroupWise Domain Worksheets template for LibreOffice. I always thought it would be nice to have the worksheets in a template form, now I have them and so can you.

CoolTool: Filr backup

restori shares two scripts to collect data and store them in a remote server, where backups are configured and active.

Consultants Corner: Quick Tip: Tuning Tips for SLES11 on VMWare running GroupWise

Many times I am asked for tuning tips/tricks for running GroupWise on SLES11 in a VMWare environment. But as I think about the wording, really there is little tuning I do for GroupWise on any Operating System. More likely, I will tune the operating system for VMWare.

Consultants Corner: Preparation for upgrade to GroupWise 2014

This article will give you an example of proper eDirectory User Synchronization. I will address two different activities/features in GroupWise. LDAP Servers and eDirectory User Synchronization. GroupWise running on Linux with no eDirectory, requires an LDAP server set up, pointing to an eDirectory replica server.

Turning Data Breaches into Positives

Unlike many tech issues, data breaches are not something we’re going to solve one day…

CoolTool: ZENworks Reporting Import or Export tool

ZENworks Reporting Import Export tool helps you to exchange reports from one ZENworks Reporting server to another. You can export a set of reports into a zip file by using this tool and you can share it as a Cool Solutions link. 

Consultant’s Corner: Upgrade GroupWise 2012 Post Office to GroupWise 2014

This article will present the process for upgrading a GroupWise 2012 post office which is running alone on a server.

TrueCrypt Disappears, But the Usefulness of Full Disk Encryption Carries On

As you may have read, TrueCrypt has become the Norwegian blue parrot of the software world and is no longer with us…

From Mobile to 3D Printing

The news has been buzzing with the potential for 3D printing … will it impact the enterprise?

Goodbye Dean…

I want to thank Dean for his contributions to GroupWise and our entire collaboration portfolio. Because of the work of team members such as Dean, GroupWise is and will continue to be the most secure, reliable email and calendaring solution on the market.

GroupWise: We will meet again!

With the release of GroupWise 2014, I am closing a chapter in my career that I can only look back on with amazement. I have worked for WordPerfect-Novell-Attachmate for 24 years. On June 2nd, a page will turn and a new chapter will begin.

The IT that Matters to the CEO

To keep up in the marketplace today, an organization must do more than rely on the same management, production and distribution methods it has always used…

Use GroupWise? Here’s a chance to win $100.

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