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May 14, 2007 9:34 am





Starting a blog is a lot like starting a journal except that it’s intended for the world to read so sounding dumb is bad. So there you go for an introduction. My name is Aaron and I currently support IDM, Audit and Sentinel (formally) but try to stay as involved and up-to-speed as possible with a few other products (eDirectory and company, Linux, NetWare, etc.). I’ve been asked to make some posts regarding IDM and, in planning for this, will probably try to write a few entries on basics, new things, and whatever else comes to mind.

Specifically I enjoy reading traces and a lot of people using IDM don’t find that an enjoyable task until they understand what is going on there so I hope to have a few entries on that specifically. Traces make troubleshooting IDM the easiest thing you can possibly do and unlocking that can make the vast majority of your support calls almost guaranteed to be bugs (or issues worth the money at least).

I also spend a fair chunk of time in the external product forums and recommend them if you haven’t tried them. The IDM and eDirectory forums are all very active. Some of the ideas for posts will undoubtedly come from issues in there as most questions in IT are repeats and having responses in this format may help many who don’t use NNTP enough yet.

As a note regarding my writing style be warned that I am fairly verbose. In most comments/posts/documents I try to be clear in what I write so there is not a lot of room for confusion regarding what is meant. I also use a few semi-standard writing conventions to delimit different contexts for text (backticks for commands, single-quotes for most literal strings, double-quotes for quotations, greater-than/less-than signs for environment-specific strings, brackets for optional strings, etc.). Knowing what these are will hopefully make life simpler for us both.

I’ll try to remember to attach large blocks of text instead of posting them inline. I’m a believer in Open Source Software (OSS) and contributing back to the community (part of my motivation to do this as well as interact in support forums) so there should be a lot of code samples for whatever is included where applicable.

Please let me know how I’m doing as time progresses.

Good luck.

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  1. By:Ian

    Welcome to the machine Aaron. As a side note for anyone reading, if you like the web based message board style of presentation, check out for a different front end for the forums.

  2. Congratulations Aaron, Ty Ellis, Novell re: Best of InterOp 2007