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14,000 files in 9000 subdirectories — gone in 60 seconds


August 25, 2010 11:48 am





GC wrote: At a university law school there was a secretary that had managed to accumulate a file structure of 14,000 files in 9000 subdirectories.

That woman can file! It boggles the mind how much space the paper version of that would have taken up.

But somehow she managed to delete that entire structure. All of it.

Thankfully she was running on an Novell file system so I checked the salvage space, and knew she had not just moved it into a subdirectory.

Using a Salvage98 program that allowed recursive salvages, I was able to get back all the files in 10 minutes, since they were all available. No need to go tape, which at that point in time was not really working, and would not have worked in all likelihood.

File systems to the rescue!

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  1. By:kgroneman

    Thank heaven for Salvage!

  2. By:MHGlenn

    Two comments:

    1) There’s a guy here that has *almost* that many entries in his GroupWise Inbox and refuses to clean out a single jot of it. Then he complains about the GroupWise client being “slow” to start and “works around” the problem by never logging-out. I’ve tried to get him to realize the reason GW is “slow” is because it has to put together a message list ten thousand entries long. I’ve tried pointing out that keeping all this “critical” info in his inbox instead of archiving/saving/printing and filing it safely away is like keeping all your personal papers in a cardboard box sitting on your front lawn: Sooner or later it’s going to rain. But nooooo…..

    2) Had a lady in the front office (Couldn’t tell a mouse from a monitor: Lied on her resume.) who managed to make an entire year’s court documents go POOF in the twinkling of an eye. She called me up in near-hysterics. From her semi-coherent description (“I just double-clicked on the folder, and it vanished!”) I was pretty sure what she’d done; tens of thousands of documents don’t just go away instantly, especially on a Windoze box. I went to the parent folder and browsed around a bit (insert sharklike grin HERE), then told her I could, with heroic effort, save her job for her, but it was going to cost her a pizza. She instantly agreed. I told her I’d call her back if/when I had the files. I then waited ten minutes, then dragged the year’s folder back from the adjacent folder the dear lady had accidentally dragged it into.
    I got my pizza.