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7.0.3 Public BETA SHIPS!


January 31, 2008 2:01 pm





7.0.3 Public BETA is now available!

Please download, install and provide feedback on Public BETA of 7.0.3. We will now be working on FCS (First Customer Ship) of 7.0.3 – currently scheduled for the first week of March!

You can download it from Select GroupWise as the product, and look under the “Beta” tab.


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  1. By:Matthew Shuter

    was able to find it following where Dean said it was…
    GroupWise in the first drop down, click SEARCH, 3 tabs with one being BETAs

  2. By:Mike

    Ok, that’s out of the way… let’s get GMS for Linux released! 🙂

  3. By:Roger

    I have to ask – was this blog entry aimed at only GroupWise geeks? Now that I’ve read it a few times I’ve just noticed that the word “GroupWise” does not appear until the last sentence. I don’t know how other people have read the entry but I was automatically converting every “7.0.3” into “GroupWise 7.0.3”.

    This means that

    a) Bloggers should include the product name in the title
    b) I (and others) need to get a life outside of Novell’s product release cycle.


  4. By:Eric

    I’ve found a few bugs in the 7.0.3 public beta client and was wondering if the general public is able to submit bugs on this beta? Can we check an ongoing list of known bugs anywhere?

  5. By:Alex Evans

    Eric, Opening an incident, reporting on the forums or posting on NGWList would all be good options. We are monitoring all 3 places