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June 26, 2006 10:58 pm





Designer 1.2 Test Drive

the first release candidate for the new designer for identity manager 1.2 is available for you to download!

the new designer is ready for a test drive. before you race of, make yourself familiar with the new engine, carriage and chassis feature:

  • Full support for Credentials Provisioning
  • Live browse, view, and edit any eDirectory object
  • Provisioning work flow Editor creates new custom work flow topologies
  • Generate doc in editable RTF format
  • Generate doc on just selected items
  • Remote control desktops where applications are running
  • Lots of new project checks
  • Discovery and modeling of AD Domain Controllers
  • Start, stop, and status all drivers on driver sets and vaults
  • Deploy certificates for eDir-to-eDir drivers
  • Lots of new main menus and simplified context menus
  • Built-in HTML viewer/editor for Notification Templates
  • Over 900 bug fixes and enhancements since M2

don’t hesitate to tell us about all your good and other experiences! leave your comments here, post them to the designer forum or email me directly.

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  1. By:FlyingGuy

    80 Megs of ram to run…
    500 MEGS!!! 1/2 a GIG on disk!!!

    You guys call this progress??????

    Please oh my GOD please tell this is NOT what your going to stick us with for Administering the tree?!?!?!

    This is beyond belief!

  2. designer is not an edirectory/netware/linux admin tool. it is an ide to develop identity management solutions. it can be compared to other ides like netbeans, eclipse, borland x-builder or even microsoft visual studio. what you are looking for is a lightweight admin tool.

  3. Designer team,

    I just downloaded the Designer 1.2 build and I must say: it kicks (…) you know what 😉

    What I realy liked was the RTF feature. I’ve just documented my entire Designer workspace in RTF format and it looks realy nice. Finaly the option to enhance / modify the documentation that was generated by Designer.


    Viewing / editing eDirectory objects. I dont know what that advanced snapin is that was mentioned in the feature list, but if that thingy gives me the option to customize the administration pages, and show pictures in a nice matter, than I’m more then delighted. One catch, that James Bond picture is old, you should have used Gandalf in order to express the power of that feature properly 🙂

    Controlling your machines from within Designer by VNC. How cool is that! Sure there will be people wanting Remote Desktop from MS, but this is a great start. I’ve tried it out and it works fine.

    The retrieval option for other domain controllers. Also very handy.

    Yes, I know, I’m very enthousiastic,.. Maybe a bit to enthousiastic, but this was the developer interface that I was waiting for for a long time. Sure it consumes memory, a fair amount (approx 300 – 500 MB) but keep in mind that its a developer interface. People that are used to jBuilder wont complain about the memory usage 😉

    Related to the earlier admin tool (, in my opinion Designer is the tool at the moment for serious IDM developers. Its not a replacement for C1, NwAdmin, iManager or whatever tool you were used to. Its a new way of developing for IDM.

    2 things still missing:

    – Version Control support.
    – Possibility to create certificates for Remote loaders, and if there is no way to distribute them to the RL’s, store them in Designer and manualy copy + paste them to the other side.

    Once again, great job!

  4. mr. anderson,
    version control is next on our list and we are also considering support for remote loader certificate management.

  5. Hi Volker! I’m more then delighted to hear that! Great job!

  6. By:EdwinG

    First of all, this looks great!

    love the new features (eDir browsing, RTF documentation, new menu’s etc) it shows that you are really delivering what you’re promising!

    It’s a shame that the iManager tool doesn’t work on Linux yet but it would be a nice feature.

    Just a few remarks:
    – why not add a ‘test credentials’ button to the AD driver connection settings.
    – When selecting Application Object in the Simulate>Create input document for a policy in the AD driver the Browse button does nothing… maybe my credentials are wrong but it would be nice to get some error message.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Edwin, we thank you for your feedback. both of your suggestings are being looked at. we use new technology to use drivers during simulation and are more than happy to get everybody’s feedback on that.
    you cannot launch iManager inside Designer on Linux, yet, because of an Eclipse bug ( ). this bug has just recently been fixed but did not make it into the build of Eclipse we ship with 1.2. we ship Eclipse 3.2 with Designer 1.2. the fix is in Eclipse 3.2.1 which will most probably ship with out next milestone.