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Adding Duplicate Usernames in GMS


February 11, 2008 8:24 am






A Forum reader recently asked:

“We currently have several POs with users that are using GMS with no issues. But today we tried to add a user who happens to have a duplicate user name in another PO. The account is created successfully, and the user can log into the GMS web page, but the GMS account is never populated with e-mail and calendar.

I’m fairly certain this issue is related to the duplicate user names, but changing either user name is not really an option. Does anyone know of any other options?”

And here’s the response from Danita Zanre …


I’m taking these settings from the GMS on Linux beta settings, but I believe they are the same in 2.03 on Windows as well.

1. Create a new authentication source for the PO that this duplicate user exists on.

Let’s say that you have two users named jdoe in two different POs. When you create the second, you must give it a different user in GMS – for example, make the login “johndoe”, and the authentication source the source for this user’s PO.

2. In the GMS Admin console, under User Settings > Wireless Email > Novell GroupWise, click Novell GroupWise User Settings.

There is a link there that says, “To assign different settings to particular users or groups, click here.”

3. Create a new setting.

4. For the GroupWise Access, choose “A separate GroupWise account that the user specifies”.

5. Add your “johndoe” user to this setting.

Now when “johndoe” logs in for the first time, he will need to specify what his GroupWise account is on the second PO.

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