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Adding Private Addresses to an E-mail Group in WebAccess


January 29, 2008 8:35 am






This is a quick reference on how to create email groups in WebAccess. You can create Contact groups to send e-mails directly to multiple users. In a Group, you can add users of the company GroupWise system, and you can also add you own private contacts.

Before you can add private contacts in a group, you first have to add them as a contact in a address book. In this article I’ll show you how to do that.


1. Log in to your GroupWise Web Access.

2. When you are logged in, click the Address Book tab to display the Address Book.

Now we’ll make a new Address Book for your private users.

3. Click Address Book options:

4. Click Create to create the Address Book for your private contacts.

5. In the text field behind “New Address book Name, enter the name of the addressbook you would like to create. I called mine “Private”.

6. Click OK to continue.

As you can see in the picture below, the Address Book is added to the list of available address books.

If you would like to delete an address book you can also do that here by clicking Delete.

7. Click Close.

8. In the Address Book, click Add Entry.

The following screen will come up:

Here you can add all the information for the user you would like to add to you private address book. Note that all the marked fields are required.

9. Click OK to save the user information.

I will also create a second user here, so I can add him later to my email group.

As you can see I created the user Simkes.

10. Click OK to save the user.

11. Close the address book screen and reopen it.

12. Change to the Private Address Book by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

13. Click Search and you’ll see all the users in the private Address Book.

Suppose you’d like to to create a Group and add the two users to that group. You can do that by selecting both checkboxes before the users and then clicking “To”. If you have done that, you will see the picture below.

Next you need to access the Save Group window.

14. From the top dropdown menu, select your Private Address Book.

In this example I named my new group “Friends”. You can add a description if you like.

15. Click Save to save the new group.

When you now do a new search in you address book you will see that there is a new Group added.

Now let’s see if we can use that group to send a new mail.

16. Go back to the GroupWise WebAccess home page and create a new e-mail.

17. Click the Address Book button and select your private Address Book from the dropdown list.

18. Click Search to show all the entries in the private Address Book.

19. Mark the “Friends” Group and click “To”.

20. Click OK.

As you can see in the picture below, the Friends group is in to To field.

Now it just a matter of writing your e-mail and clicking Send.

I hope it’s a bit clearer now how you can add personal email addresses in your Groups. I always get a lot of questions about this one, so I decided to write an article for it – hope you can use it.

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  1. By:alliepatchell

    I’ve been trying to organize all the email addresses I’ve gathered throughout the time and haven’t found a good way to do it yet. I think groups is an alternative and Webaccess will surely make everything easier. I was just wondering if I can make my email hosting work with this software.