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Address is not well-formed during Conferencing Server installation


April 9, 2008 7:27 am





Recently I had a need to install Conferencing in a network that had 255 in one of the network octets of the address, eg 10.255.254.X/24

The problem

During the install script, when attempting to enter addresses on this network, we kept getting messages similar to:

!!!!! is not well-formed

After a fair bit of head scratching, we determined that the script, used by the installation script, had a function validate_ip that did not like 255 in the address. (In most cases this would be correct)

The Fix

Simply modify the script that is in the same location you run from. EG. sitescape-conferencing directory.

Within, locate the function validate_ip (Around about line 864)
Locate the four lines that read

if [ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 255 ] &&
[ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 255 ] &&
[ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 255 ] &&
[ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 255 ] ; then
return 0

and change them to

if [ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 256 ] &&
[ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 256 ] &&
[ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 256 ] &&
[ ${comps[0]} -ge 0 -a ${comps[0]} -lt 256 ] ; then
return 0

You should then be able to use 255 in the network part, or host part if you really want 😉 of your conferencing server addresses during the install.

Have fun….

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