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All quiet on the Western Front


May 17, 2006 12:03 pm




So, we released the 3 gateways a few weeks back and it’s all gone quiet.  How many of you out there are using the GW7 Notes, Async or Exchange gateways? Or if you are not why not?  I am kind of interested in knowing what people are doing with the gateways.
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  1. By:James

    I have been building a lab to replace our existing API gateway with the Exchange gateway 7.

    I’d like to ask some questions though…hope this is the right place.

    Q1: The old gateway did not support busy search both ways, has this changed?
    Q2: The old gateway had problems with HTML mail, has this changed?
    Q3: Where can I get a list of the new features?


  2. By:Alex Evans

    Q1 – Busy search is still one way, MS still has not released the API’s that would allow us to do a 2 way busy search. Rumour has it, and it is a wild rumour, there may be APIs by the end of the year – that doesn’t mean that 2 way busy search will also be the end of the year though.
    Q2 – HTML mails are processed, but the HTML portion is added as an attachments – we are still looking at seeing if we can change this
    Q3 – The docs will contain the change list, when we ship properly. The main ‘feature’ change is Exchange 2003 support. The rest are bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  3. I installed the new async in a test server but couldn’t configured it through ConsoleOne. Installed the C1 snapins but still. Is there an additional download that I’m missing?

  4. By:James

    Thanks Alex,

    I have now installed the BETA and it crashes on a couple of settings. But apart from that seems stable once configured.

    Is there a ship date or target?


  5. By:Alex Evans

    Gerardo – you are not missing any downloads. What version of GW are you using and did you select the correct version during the install? Are you able to run C1 on the machine where you installed the Async and does it work any better there?

    James – at the moment there is no firm ship date. We are still working on a couple of issues (HTML mail and Ex5.5 install)

  6. By:Tony Vissoc

    I’ve installed the Async gateway, but have not completely configured it yet. Need to move our comm board to the server.

  7. By:James


    Do you have a list issues? I need to put together a list of pros and cons to move away from the API gateway and the connector to the Exchange Gateway.


  8. By:James Conaway

    I am trying to properly configure the optional address rule to get Busy
    searches working from GW2EXCH (I know it does not work other way.)

    The gateway is processing the busy searches, but no calendar data is
    getting back. I have configured the user name field multiple ways and I am
    still confused on what address type is required from the Exchange system
    to satisfy the gateway. Basically where in Exchange admin do I look at a
    user to know what addressing type is appropreate.


  9. By:Alex Evans

    All beta documentation is at

    Busy searches work from Ex2000 and 2003, but not 5.5.