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March 25, 2008 2:56 am





I’m starting to get over my jet-lag (if you call waking up at 3am getting over it) after returning from BrainShare. The only bad thing that happened to me on the way home was at Salt Lake City airport, where they took my laptop out of my bag in security, but didn’t tell me… so captain stupid here picks up his now laptop-less bag, and gets on the plane, and only realizes it’s missing when he gets to San Francisco airport. Luckily, a good friend in SLC went to the airport and collected the laptop, and it’s winging its way to me now – I am very glad I had been a good boy and added the power-on password to the hard disk!

I’m not surprised I missed the notices about taking my laptop out: it had been a heck of a busy week, with waking early every day because of a horrible cold I caught in Provo, the dry air making it worse (despite liberally re-hydrating each evening with local beverages), long days working at the SysOp booth in the South Lobby (and a great big hello to everyone who came up and said Hi last week, great to meet you all), evenings spent sampling the local brews… well enough said – it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Meet The Experts on Thursday was an adrenaline rush, as always, extremely hard work, but very rewarding, and great fun!

BrainShare embodies for me, everything that’s great about working for Novell: from meeting enthusiastic customers, to keynote demos that don’t always work, to making new friends, and renewing old friendships; it’s all worth the effort, and I, for one, would have a great big hole in my life if I wasn’t there.

Congratulations to the BrainShare team for a fantastic week, and roll-on BrainShare 2009!

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    Laptop has arrived with me safely…