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Are Users Auto-Forwarding their Email?


October 29, 2008 11:16 am





A Listserv member asked the following on the NGW Listserv:

Does anyone know of a way to tell if a user has a rule forward on their account without logging into their mailbox? I cannot see anything in the PO log that would tell me that.

I completed a similar request recently. I created a new email message and in the BC field, I then manually added all users from the system address book. You can’t use wild cards for this type of tracking. Then I sent out the email from the Postmaster and sent it to the Postmaster and told folks not to open email attachments from people they don’t know (just send them something). I then hit send.

After that email was sent, I remoted into my largest Post Offices and monitored the progress. Once the message was fully delivered to all Post Offices, I then looked at the properties of the email that I had sent (this part needs to happen immediately after the message has been delivered). I highlighted the results, showing the user and the action. I pasted that into an excel spreadsheet, sorted by the action and then had excel count the number of individuals who had forwarded the email.

In my case, in a 15,000 user shop, we found that 770 users are auto-forwarding their email, many of them hourly employees. In some of the cases, some of the management have been instructing their staff that they don’t have time to read corporate email on company time, so they need to forward it home to read it there. Bad move, because hourly employees need to get paid for every minute they work. So now HR has a list of those folks who forward their email and now can determine how many of them are hourly.

Hope this helps.

Paul Caron

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  1. By:Anonymous

    Some time ago, a number of users were bored and turn off the options to track sent email. After fixing a number of times, we chose to push the fix out to the enterprise and lock it down. In ConsoleOne, right click the first domain that has Post Offices, GroupWise Utilities|Client Options|Send|Mail.

    Create a sent item to track information needs to be checked ON and the All information radio button needs to be selected. I then locked it down and did the same to all remaining domains.

    This change will allow you to see the full properties of all Sent Email.

    • By:Anonymous

      Its too bad you can’t separate auto-reply for out of office messages from the auto forward feature. We have rule based messages turned off. You can allow to specific individuals, but the exception list is a text file and not a group of any kind.

  2. By:Anonymous

    This looks simple, but I prefer to use a better solution which is GWAVA Vertigo. That’s the ultimate GroupWise Administration tool which allows me to list all rules and then filter the list down to exactly what kind of rules I’m looking for after which I can delete or shutdown one or more selected rules also. It looks really slick and is very easy to use.