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Are You the Lucky Winner of the Omni BrainShare 2008 Nintendo Wii Draw Prize?


March 26, 2008 6:33 am





BrainShare 2008 Success, Novell and Omni Create a New Jungle and Wii Prize Winner!

BrainShare 2008 was a HUGE Success for Omni

At BrainShare 2008, Omni stole the show and WOWED the attendees with its Riva Managed Policies, Managed Applications and CRM and third-party Integration platform for GroupWise. Many attendees shared with us that they have been desparately waiting for this type of automated account management and CRM integration and are anxious to get back to the office to download the trial versions.

Customers, consultants and Novell employees alike were genuinely impressed by how Omni has turned GroupWise into the BEST CRM client for SugarCRM, info@hand, Microsoft CRM and Salesforce (with other CRMs on the road map). The response and feedback was tremendous. “I can’t believe how Riva turned GroupWise into a transparent, on-line and off-line CRM client,” exclaimed one of the Novell employees who saw the presentation. “I see WHAT you have accomplised, I just don’t know HOW you managed to do it

And in this case the “HOW” is less important that the “WHAT”! Riva CRM for GroupWise has changed the CRM integration landscape. GroupWise has gone from a collaboration client that didn’t integrate with anything to the BEST CRM integration client in the industry. See the links below for more information about Riva CRM integration, Managed Policies and Managed Applications

And let’s not forget eControl. At BrainShare 2008, Omni announced its plans to add Lotus Notes and OpenLDAP support to eControl. This means customers with mixed and multiple instances of eDirectory, GroupWise, Active Directory, Lotus Notes and OpenLDAP will be able to benefit for eControl’s web-based, “ZERO-Rights”, audited, delegated user account management for non-technical staff. Imagine being able to remove all supervisor trustee assignments and administrator priveleges from your systems and delegating tasks to staff – that’s the power of what eControl delivers.

Novell and Omni Create New Jungle at BrainShare 2008

At BrainShare 2008, Michael Applebaum from Novell co-presented the Multiplied SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy with Omni. Attendees saw how Omni has helped Novell create a NEW JUNGLE with its multi-station Linux strategy. Microsoft is the gorilla in the stand-alone destop world and will maintain that position for quite some time. Novell is now the Gorilla in the multi-station desktop jungle – Microsoft does not have a strategy in the multi-station desktop jungle. With the Multiplied SLED desktop strategy, Novell is able to leverage its position as the gorilla and dominant leader in this new space. Novell’s multi-station solution allows Novell customers to benefit from tremendous value while deploying the “greenest” desktop solution available. More on this new jungle in the near future.

And the winner of the Wii prize draw is:

Thank you to all BrainShare attendees who took the time to stop by our booth to hear about our innovative solutions. We had a lot of fun at the Partner Night where many attendees had the opportunity to try Wii bowling for the first time. The lucky winner of the Nintendo Wii is: Steve Utick, Infrastructure Center Supervisor for Lewis & Clark County.

More information about Riva, eControl and the New Multi-station Jungle

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