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Are Your IT Assets Spiraling Out of Control?

Gil Cattelain


July 3, 2014 11:56 am





You’ve spent the last few years piecing together your network—making for a hodgepodge of assets. Now, you have a mix of hardware and software from a variety of different vendors, and no way of knowing what’s being used, how it’s being used or if it’s being used. And without a comprehensive endpoint management plan, properly maintaining and upgrading your network will be just about impossible.

Here are some of the most important reasons you need to regain control of your network assets before it’s too late:

  • Track your devices: You won’t be able to know when it’s time to retire and dispose of your network hardware if you don’t know when it was deployed. Equipment needs to be tracked through its entire lifecycle, so you always know what devices your employees are using and how to prepare your budget for anticipated spending needs.
  • Prevent audits: It’s crucial to abide by contractual licensing agreements. If a vendor suspects you are misusing software, you could be audited for compliance issues. This could result in heavy fines. Unfortunately, there is over $60 billion worth of unlicensed software in use by global organizations today which means vendors are losing money and organizations are failing to stay in compliance.
  • Stay out of danger: Software standards need to be strictly enforced in your company to prevent malware and dangerous applications from wreaking havoc on your network. But if you don’t know what’s being used, this is just about impossible.

With an automated IT asset tracking solution such as ZENworks by Novell, your IT department can be automatically informed of the real time status and performance of every program or machine operating on your network. ZENworks will also be able to provide a complete overview of whether you are using licensed material or freeware, which will help avoid noncompliance during audits. And you will be able to purchase additional licenses for your software with confidence knowing that you are buying exactly what your company needs.

For more information about how ZENworks can help your company get the complete picture of the hardware and software it is using, click here.

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  1. By:BMcDowell

    Nice comments Gil! Asset management is more relevant than ever. PC inventory celebrated its 25th birthday this week and the technology that started it all is embedded in the ZENworks Inventory Engine.