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This type of web hosting is not for everyone who have a website on for business or blogging, but it is a helpful administration to think when running some database-intensive request. By definition, database hosting is a type of service that optimized for running a relational database to give servers that are devoted to databases or database request–even though it can also incorporate website hosting on specific occasions. This type of Internet hosting is helpful when running programs such as mail server, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), file-based application, Customer Relation Management (CRM) applications and depend on your requirements. In order to speed up the dependability of these applications as well as other “memory-greedy” applications, users turn to database hosting as a result. Basically in order to run a database server smoothly and in speed, they need more RAM than normal web hosting server that a company provide. As a result RAM pulls out data 10 times quicker than receiving it from a hard disk. Now, take a look at Google searches as an example. When a person search a keyword on Google search then it can be pulled out in less than one second (If you search “Best Cheapest Website Hosting” then Google will show you result within 0.77 seconds). To keep up this pace, relational databases need a managed server as well as serves that can constantly manage such huge amounts of data.

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