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Backup and Restore using Backup Exec on NetWare


March 28, 2008 12:22 pm





This document helps NetWare Customers to backup the NSS volumes from a NetWare server using Backup Exec engine.

Install the Backup Exec engine and Agent on NetWare server from the Windows machine.

Backup Exec configuration:

  1. Load bestart in NetWare server where backup exec got installed
  2. Login using Username and Password
  3. In Backup exec Administration console goto Jobs -> Update Agent list.

    It will update the list of backup exec agents
  4. Goto Jobs select policy and specify the policy attributes to customize to your needs.

    Use spacebar to select/deselect the options
  5. Goto Drives->Backup-to-disk-folder and specify the name and path that the backup data has to be stored

Taking Backup using Backup Exec:

  1. Goto Jobs -> Backup -> Make Selections and select the dataset that has to be backed up and do submit

    Give the backupname and policy name and press F2 to accept the selections
  2. Goto Administration -> Active jobs and view the status of the backup operation

Restore using Backup Exec:

  1. Goto Jobs -> Restore -> Make selections by volume and select the backup sets that needs to be restored and do submit.
  2. In restore job properties window select redirection and in redirect files give the destination path to store the restored data and accept selections.
  3. Goto Administration -> Active jobs and view the status of the restore operation
    Backup/restore job from the Backup Exec server is scheduled which will backup and restore the NSS volumes.
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  1. By:pvanlone

    What might be helpful is a review of the backup vendors that support Novell technologies (ie NSS, OES, SLES)

    This is silly.

  2. By:msad75

    This article was a complete waste of time. There’s nothing of benefit here that a BE Admin wouldn’t already know, or couldn’t get from reading the BE manual.

    • By:mfaris01

      It seems that the two people who slammed this article have never bothered actually writing something themselves.

      Shame on you.