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BES 5.0.1 Public Beta


June 8, 2010 1:33 pm





Great news to share this week. I got a call from my counterpart at RIM and they are releasing a public beta of their BES 5.0.1 for GroupWise. We have been running 5.0.1 in house for a number of months as part of the early adopter program, so we have been validating it against the latest GroupWise agents

Feature set
There are a number of new features coming to this version of BES that build on their strategy of secure and manageable mobility.

  • Full SOAP integration (GW Client no longer required)
  • Taking Personal Information Management (PIM) to the Next Level
    • View Attachments in a Meeting Request and/or Calendar Entry
    • Forward Calendar Appointments
    • Multiple Personal Address Book synchronization
  • New Web-based Administration Console (BAS)
  • Improved scalability
  • Better Mail Management
    • Flag for follow up support
    • Email folder management
  • High Availability with Automated Failover
  • Mobile Application Management
  • 35 New IT Policies (Over 450 in total)
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Job Management, Scheduling, and Throttling
  • Powerful Migration Tools (Enterprise Transporter)
  • Open Document Format (.odt, .ods, .odp) support
  • Remote File Explorer
    • Securely access remote windows network file shares from anywhere!
    • View, edit, save and email documents from your BlackBerry smartphone
    • Leverages BlackBerry Attachment handling as well as Dataviz Documents To Go®

Platform requirements
BES 5.0.1 will require Windows Server 2003 / 2008 and will run against GroupWise 8 Post offices only. As BES leverages many of the enhancements made to SOAP API in GW 8, GW 7.x will not be supported.

If you are interested in signing up for public beta you need to send an email to or sign-up at and you will get download instructions in return.

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  1. By:kkbass

    Do you know if there will be a free “Express” ( version as well? There are still plenty of the free v4.1 5-user installs out there that would be happy to update to 5x finally.

  2. By:kkbass

    from BlackBerry Enterprise Beta Programs
    to abendorg
    date Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 9:33 AM
    subject RE: BES 5.0.1 Public Beta for GroupWise

    Currently, there are no plans to release a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for GroupWise.


    BES v5.0.1 Beta Team
    Research In Motion Limited

    • By:bigdog

      For small to medium GW shops, BESX would be a “thumbs up” to promote GroupWise so why can’t Novell encourage RIM to do such? Has Novell lost that much clout with RIM?

      How difficult would this be as RIM already does BES for GroupWise and all BESX is BES with the majority of the enterprise features taken out so we aren’t talking about anything like the GMS replacement project. BESX for GroupWise could be in beta in a few months if RIM would do it. Without BESX for GroupWise, that’s just another encouragment for businesses to switch to Microsoft Exchange.

      Why does it seem that the only pro-GroupWise people out are the few users and administrators of such sytems, In extreme contrast, Why does it seem that Novell is anti-GroupWise?

      Does Novell and RIM know something about the demise of GroupWise that they aren’t willing to share?

  3. By:networkn

    Man I can’t believe they won’t do a comparative thing to Outlook. Is Novell able to apply some pressure here? It wouldn’t even be so bad if they gave a server component away for free and then you bought CALS upto a max size of 15/20 CALS.

  4. By:sveld

    “Currently, there are no plans to release a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for GroupWise”

    This is exactly the reason why our smaller customers do not choose for BB or moving away from it (despite the additional mgmt arguments it provides). I’ve had several conversations about choosing mobile direction in the last 18 months and non choose BB in the end because of this. Either provide a solution like is done for Exchange/Notes or have a fair BES pricing for either solution for smaller environments.

    Not having a BES strategy for SMB’s will be killing for BB long term in those environments.

  5. By:sveld

    Despite I love BB and we use it ourselves, it’s not only buying a BES license that makes customers decide otherwise, but additional to that the need of a Windows Server license (and maybe even additional hardware if a virtualisation solution is not yet in place). The TCO looks much higher for them.

    In the end I personally would LOVE to see a BES appliance with SLES which would make deployment much easier. That may never happen, but then only the need for an additional Windows license for BES may be just what it needs in SMB to go for BB.

    Lot of customers just say GroupWise has already GMS today and comes with DataSynchronizer Mobility Pack tomorrow included and both run on Linux and a license for (SLES) Linux is included – so no additional cost.

  6. By:tmstone835

    I have some clients that installed the previous Blackberry Express Server for GroupWise. It appears that their only option in order to stay current is to spend several thousand dollars for the Enterprise version. I guess I don’t understand RIM’s logic here. With increasing pressure from other smart phone makers, you would think that they would make their devices more attractive to small businesses where they can lock them in. I will be testing the Quartz Development product to see if it will work as a substitute.

  7. By:gburg

    this is another late – not to say very late – time for BlackBerry (BB) to give their response for a long waited update (since BES 4.6 AFAIK).

    The fact that Novell has been running it for months inside the company is a) necessary but b) slows down the availability for the users – may I say – the people who really need it.

    So my advice to Novell: speak up! knock on BB’s door a little more! We need the stuff much sooner – cause we are also addicted to BB’s – just like the president …


  8. By:thhg

    Appears to have been removed from the Beta download site – no files are listed … Is this product about to be released ?

    • By:kkbass

      I just checked, & it is still out there for download. I know when I initially signed up for the beta account it took a few days (a week perhaps?) for it to finally show up in my download list.

      BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise (v5.0.1 Beta3 – Bundle 150)
      BES v5.0.1 for Novell GroupWise
      May 19, 2010 693798 KB
      File Name: besg_5.0.1.exe

      Said file is currently downloading.

  9. By:blntskul

    I just got another notification from RIM that there’s an updated release of BES 5 – for Notes and Exchange. It burns me a little every time I get one of those. We still don’t have a release of version 5 for Groupwise. Screw the market share at this point – that’s just rude.

    Of course RIM is losing market share like crazy to the Apple and Google platforms, so maybe they’ll be the ones begging for integration in a few years.

    Since Novell has released the Mobility Pack (aka ActiveSync for Groupwise), I wonder if it wouldn’t be in RIM’s best interests to build BES to leverage ActiveSync for its communication with the Groupware (or whatever) system. Seems like they can keep all of the BES enterprise qualities, and stop writing code for specific third party systems. That way, Groupwise would theoretically be on the same development cycle as the others, and it would open up the possibility for other systems to integrate with BES.

    Maybe there are good technical reasons why this is a bad idea, but it’s probably worth the effort to overcome whatever those may be. Oh well, probably won’t matter for us anyway. By the time they release BES 5 for Groupwise, we’ll probably be migrated on to Android devices anyway.

  10. By:gwoelfel

    Since two months I have discussions with many of our customers about their GroupWise Integrations and SmartPhones.
    All those customers that use BBs and use less than 75 User licenses switch to WindowsSBS (in one case, after 12 years using Novell SBS/ NOWS !)
    All other customers kick out their BBs and got HTCs and iPhones.

    We have a lot of work, make big profits, but for those customers you never can discuss for solutions coming from Novell or RIM – for the next 3 to 5 years!!!

    How stupid is this?