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BES Support for GroupWise 8


March 10, 2009 11:22 pm





Since the launch of GroupWise 8 I have been receiving a number of questions from customers about support from RIM for their BES. Prior to launching GroupWise 8 Novell were early adopters of the latest Beta BES versions from RIM. We have multiple BES servers running, both in our cutting edge development system, as well as our main corporate system. We do this to make sure that we iron out issues before they get to our customers.

So where does that leave support? RIM recently updated their support matrix, available here:

In short, GroupWise 8 is supported as long as the BES server is running the latest GroupWise 7 client. RIM are currently in the process of validating the GroupWise 8 client for use on the BES server – but customers who have already upgraded their agents, or are planning to, can be assured that they are not running an unsupported configuration.

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  1. By:raronson

    Why are we going backwards? In GroupWise 7 we were told to use the SOAP connection that allows for notification instead of using the API connection that has to poll. Now it sounds like, and my own experiences support this, the SOAP interface is broken and isn’t being talked about.

    What is the deal and why is this issue being swept under the table?

    • By:aevans

      I am not sure how a statement from RIM saying that the latest version of GroupWise is supported is a step backwards. RIM continue to refine their SOAP support, and it remains their highest priority for the GroupWise BES. We are working with RIM on this, so that they can leverage SOAP for more than just event notification. If there are additional problems that you are running into then I urge you to open a call with RIM support

  2. By:bluebeagle

    Our users are storming the castle for ActiveSync support. We have a small cadre of iPhone users who are campaigning for a migration to Exchange so that they can have a solution to support their iPhones.

    With no published date for ActiveSync support there’s very little that can be said in GroupWise’s defense at this time. “Sometime this year” is a pretty wimpsock response and sounds more like December than July.

    I’m sure other organizations are hearing about this, too. Seriously, the iPhone was released June 29, 2007. We’re coming up on TWO YEARS without Novell support for it. I don’t want to hear excuses about 3rd party support, either. Novell is way late to the party on this one.

    • By:aevans

      To repeat what has been said elsewhere:
      I know that the lack of information about a GMS replacement and support for the iPhone has been frustrating for some of you. Let us say again…

      We are committed to a long term mobility solution that does include support for the iPhone.

      There are legal reasons why we have not been able to speak as openly about our plans as many of you would have liked.

      We do expect to announce our solution soon and we also expect to be able to provide in depth details about the solution and what it will provide.

      ‘Soon’ has been a frustrating term for you and for us. Once again…simply not things we can discuss openly.

      However….GMS is supported and working. We have recently released updated versions of this product. RIM continues to support GroupWise through its BES offering. We have other partners, NotifyLink and Toffa, that provide solutions in this space – among others.

      Novell is committed to its customers and no matter ‘when’ things ultimately happen….GMS will continue to be supported until a replacement is provided.

      In the interim there are plenty of iPhone solutions:
      Toffa offer a free service for some sync functionality
      NotifyLink have a hosted mobility sync solution
      MobileMe will work
      Email can be access via IMAP.
      Don’t forget that whilst the iPhone has been around for a while it is only much more recently that it has had ActiveSync support

  3. By:jason_ngim

    I am planning on upgrading GW7 to GW8. is there any snapin i need to reinstall?
    the current GW7 is able to communicate with the BES server. sorry for the noob question.. i tried to look for this answer but i cant find a documentation on such a topic i can refer to.

  4. By:blntskul

    You’ll need updated snapins for Console One to manage your GroupWise system, but that has nothing to do with BES. BES talks to GroupWise as a trusted application over SOAP and using the client for Object API mode. The only thing that you should have to do with BES is make sure that its release matches up to the GroupWise 8 release, and that the version of the GroupWise client on your BES server is the specific version and patch level that RIM requires. They’re pretty picky about that. Documentation is readily available from RIM.