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Bonsai BETA 4 has Shipped!


July 10, 2008 1:13 pm





Earlier this week, engineering released Bonsai BETA 4 to our authorized BETA sites. This is our final authorized BETA before Public BETA. Public BETA is currently scheduled for the end of August. In preparation for Public BETA, we are rolling out Bonsai internally to several hundred users and several post offices, geographies and languages.

We also have a few of our BETA sites who have already rolled into production part or all of their organization and we have a Lighthouse program that we will use to gather even further real world and production environments as part of our preparation for final FCS (First Customer Ship). We want, and you need, this release to be solid. We are taking those steps to make sure that we have exceptional quality in addition to the outstanding feature set that Bonsai already has displayed.

Feedback has been very positive from all the users and groups who have had the privilege to run Bonsai. Internally within Novell, we keep having to hold people back – everyone wants to be running Bonsai!

Just wanted to keep everyone informed about our progress!


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  1. By:kedda

    I have registerd and re-registered many times past serval years to gain access to Authorized Beta. What is the selection process?

    I had to renew my subscription which expired 2 months just so that I can recieve Bonsai upgrade. My management is not all happy how Novell is operating on sales.

    Thanks for sharing the info though.

    • By:aevans

      When you register to join the beta you go into a database. From that database we select 50ish companies to be part of the closed beta program, based on a number of criteria. You can appreciate that we have to be fairly stringent to select those 50 sites from the literally thousands of requests that we get.
      We also run a public beta for a couple of months prior to the actual official launch of the product.