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Bonsai Nearing Code Complete


July 21, 2007 7:30 pm





Code complete can mean so many different things, but more than anything it is a barometer to know where a project is at in its product development cycle.

We are a few weeks away from code complete across the product components. However, we have been code complete in several major areas for a few weeks now. Those code complete components have been in bug fixing mode and preparing for the authorized BETA.

Generally, we have the agents and engine code complete before other areas of the project. Bonsai is no exception. Last week, I asked everyone to make sure they are running on a Bonsai POA and using a Bonsai client (Windows, Linux/Mac, Connector or WebAccess). There are at least 60 people now that are running alpha code on their corporate email accounts. Many engineers, myself included, have been running Bonsai clients since we shipped 7.0.1 —- some of us are always on the bleeding edge. As you would expect!! As new builds are completed (usually daily) , everyone is expected to install and run the very latest. This is the best caviar to come out of the GroupWise team ever!!

Of course not everyone was enthusiastic about moving to such ‘early’ builds of Bonsai. For example, I asked our documentation team to move as well and after some half hearted protest, they conceded. The first day was a little rough, but the new Auto-Save feature kept me from bodily harm. We worked through two issues and on Friday, one of them came to me and said, “This is great!! Love the new features and the client hasn’t crashed in days!! Baby steps – right? πŸ™‚

We are now working on test plans, reviewing bug lists, and finishing up any loose ends. Automation is running, validation continuing and stabilization progressing. We are focusing on the very basics of build, installation, upgrading and internationalization.

Don’t you wish you could be running Bonsai? Its getting closer!

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  1. By:Nick

    Sounds great, looking forward to the public beta. I have a question regarding bonsai: I have since groupwise 5.2 asked for the ability to have multible email addresses/account. This is so basic so I wouldnt even call it a feature, will this finaly show up in Bonsai ?

  2. By:Ian

    Any word on POA/MTA/GWIA/WEBACC live screens on Linux to match the existing NetWare console screens? I know the lack of them is a big gripe with people I have talked to.

  3. By:Alex Evans

    Hi Ian – what is it about the -show that doesn’t work for you? Are your customers expecting this to be the default, or don’t like the fact that the agents won’t start on a server restart?

  4. By:Ian

    You can have multiple email addresses to a degree. You can create nicknames that are aliases of the main account, or you can create multiple accounts and give the main account proxy rights. Or are you on about something different?

  5. By:Ian

    It’s probably that you have to be logged into the server full time to run with the show switch, otherwise the agents run as a daemon if you want them to start with a system boot as you mentioned. I think being able to view the real time agents just by peaking in on the running daemon would be a nice touch. How about a cross platform mono app that you can run from a workstation to connect to servers remotely and see what’s going on? πŸ˜‰

    Personally, it’s not a huge deal to me. I’ve just heard some complaints from other GW admins. It might be more comforting for those who are reluctant to move from NetWare to Linux.

  6. By:Alan Pearson

    That’s great news. We’re a new Novell customer, and have found that Novell are a one stop shop for everthing we ever need.

    Our 3 biggest GW issues at the moment, that I hope get rectified very soon:

    1) External appointments that get ‘updated’ show as a duplicate entry in the calendar. This is SO annoying, my CEO is jumping up and down about it.

    2) When adding a contact to the address book (right click on a name, add contact) the other GW windows are inaccessible, so user can’t refer back to them for cut’n’paste of postal address etc. Again, really, really annoying.

    3) Copying the email address in an email TO, CC or BC field sometimes only copies the NAME not the actual email address. This is REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying, as it means when sending a new email or sometimes adding to address book, only the name goes in and not the address. PLEASE PLEASE DEFAULT to ALWAYS COPY THE ADDRESS !!!!!

    Aside from that, we love Groupwise to bits, and when the new Mac & Linux clients arrive our life will be almost bliss.

    Also, please please don’t neglect doc management.. it ROCKS. Index PDFs as another poster said in Quickfinder, and perhaps improve webpublisher ?? (many different web publisher users with different permissions?)

    Keep up the Linux love too, as that was a key decision to go GW.

    Thanks again for all the work.


  7. But nicknames itself cannot have a dot in it. I’ve a few customers that would love to have multiple ‘nicknames’ with a dot in the nickname. As ‘looking forward’ the internet override address is the preferred way for what once eay the job of the gateway alias. So it would be nice that we now could (ab)use gateway aliasse’s as ‘aliasses’ for a mailbox from the outside world.

  8. Personally the first thing on a Linux server that I do is shut down the graphical environment πŸ™‚ But what would be nice is a portal like solution where we can monitor our POA/MTA/GWIA/WEBACC agents instead of accessing each seperatly at their own web page for like monitoring health. Something like a stripped down version of Readline would be nice, especially in smaller environments.

  9. By:Collin

    Two questions:

    1. Will new GroupWise “Bonsai” still have Document Management? And if so will there be any new features.

    2. Will Bonsai support Office 2007?


  10. By:Andre

    Nick, I totally agree, along with the feature of being able to set view and compose defaults per account so I can set plain text for my newsgroups.

    Also is html integration fixed finally? GW7 and below have HORRIBLE html handling!

  11. By:Georg Fritsch

    Being able to SEND from different mailaddresses without using SMTP or proxy access is my top priority feature, too.
    If we could set the reply-to header for outgoing email as well would also be a very useful feature.

  12. By:Alex Evans

    You can remotely access the console screens if you use Monitor, though I do agree that this seems to be one of the things that keeps people from moving more quickly to Linux

  13. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Not sure this is exactly what you are asking, but….

    In the new Contact Management in Bonsai, each contact can have multiple email addresses. When you name complete, you will be able to choose between the different addresses. The first one listed will be the default.

    You have already been able to have support multiple accounts. GW, POP, IMAP, etc. You can have only one GW account, but you can have as many as you want of the others.

    Does that answer your question?

  14. By:Dean Lythgoe

    I’m sorry. Bonsai is very much a productivity and end-user focused release. Monterrey, the code name for the release after Bonsai – is geared to more of a Administrative focus. We will consider these types of requests then.

  15. By:Dean Lythgoe

    We will continue to include Document Management in GroupWise. There are no plans to remove it. However, we have not made any significant enhancements or changes to it. We have fixed several bugs and regressions that were introduced in GroupWise 7.0.

    Bonsai will support Office 2007. Our viewer technology will support that format when viewing attachments and we plan to support it from a desktop application integration stand point.

  16. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Not sure I understand the HTML comment. Please explain?? HTML composing or rendering or just launching links?

    We are still working on defaults per account.

  17. By:Dean Lythgoe

    We have not designed your first request. We probably need more use cases to fully understand what you want to do. It sounds like Proxy, but you mention that is not what you expected. Please provide more details.

    Reply-to Header? If this is not working, it is a bug. My understanding is that we already support MIME’s with the Reply-TO header and use that address as the address to send the reply to. – Am I missing something or are you reporting that it is not working?

  18. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Great ideas!! Some of these are addressed in Bonsai and others will have to wait.

    The Linux client has lots of new features – that will be the topic of another blog.

    We are indexing PDF files so that they can be searched.

    Web Publisher is not changing in Bonsai.

  19. By:NickHo

    Looking forward to showing off Bonsai at the Sydney Novell Users Group and spread the news to the wider Linux community.

    I am very excited with the product. The demo you gave at the Sydney Gwavacon was very impressive

  20. By:Tom Stone

    Thanks for the update.

    Nick, have any of the calendar printing functions been updated? The printing choices are moderately OK but the output is crude by today’s standards. Also, has the HTML printing feature improved? It has been rather bizarre up to this point in that it doesn’t try to emulate the “printer” printout at all. It has its own format and you cannot change much. It is nothing that I or my clients would put on a web page and it would be a very handy feature if it was attractive.

  21. By:Blaine

    Any chance Groupwise will work with a Validation Authority Server such as Tumbleweed like Exchange does? Your partner Cryptovision stopped developing their s/mime plugin for the Groupwise client and now we are stuck with no way to do certificate checking and encryption.


  22. By:Eric

    Has any thought been given to bundling Novell Identity Manager w/ the Groupwise Driver, or at least with the AD driver, as part of the Groupwise Bonsai release? This is especially something to consider given all the comments in the previous Bonsai posts regarding lack of ‘good’ API’s. In addition, Groupwise still requires eDir, so why not throw in something like the Groupwise Driver to help those AD-only shops make a better case for GW vs Exchange, at least until Groupwise becomes eDir-less like ZEN has become?

  23. I vote for this one. I’ve asked this also a lot of times.

    We want and have setup roles as some customers sites in iManager to just be able to create and modify a user object and group memberships. Now we have them to switch to C1 to create a mailbox. We would like to get a mailbox just created when the user is created, especially nice in smaller environments.

  24. That would be a pity. Just talked to a customer this spring that will look into this near the end on the year, so we discussed Cryptovision’s products as an option for them. On their site support for GW is still there.

  25. Hi Dean,

    We like to have multiple receive addresses for the same mailbox (call them nickname or alias) that may have a dot in it. Could think this is a stupid request, but some customers just want to make sure typo’s of senders are taken care off :)) I’ve several customers with hard to spell names that just have one dot in it and like to setup these possible misspelling as nicknames/aliases.

    (just an) Example:
    Account full name: Piet van der Wal
    CN: pvanderwal
    Mailbox: pvanderwal (
    Internet override address: p.vanderwal (
    (internet) Alias/nicknames: p.van.der.wal p.vander.wal

    What would be an option is:
    -adding an ‘Internet aliases’ field to GroupWise mailboxes next to the Internet Override Address, so the GWIA would make a list of these, knowing where to deliver the messages to.
    -move ‘Nickname’ as it’s today an ‘internal’ field in GW and so is not allowed to have dot’s in that name, to a ‘external field’ called ‘Internet nicknames/aliases’ so nicknames can have dot’s in that name like the internet override address.

  26. By:Blaine

    Actually we already spoke with Cryptovision and they do not have a Groupwise 7 compatible s/mime app and are not planning on developing one unfortunately. Tumbleweed is planning on supporting Groupwise sometime in the future so we may have to wait.

  27. By:Nick

    Precicly what I mean, thanks Sebastiaan!

    Please Novell, it cant be to difficuly to implement this “feature”

  28. By:Dean Lythgoe


    We have not made any significant changes to this area of the product in Bonsai. However, I would love to see a screen shot or some other example of what you would like it to look like. Some of this stuff might be easier than we think and we just don’t know what it is that you are wanting…

    Send me something…

  29. By:Dean Lythgoe

    We have discussed this several times. Thanks for the reminder – we will kick it around the block again – see if moves this time πŸ™‚

  30. By:Joseph Marton

    Here is the workaround for using a nickname with a dot. So for your examples of p.van.der.wal p.vander.wal, what you would do is create two nicknames. The first nickname would have first name of p.van and last name of der.wal (the first & last name fields in a nickname allow a dot), and for the second you would specify a first name of p and a lastname of vander.wal (or first name of p.vander and last name of wal). As long as you then allow the format of firstname.lastname, you can now create nicknames that have a period.

    This works today in GW7. This topic has actually been covered more than once in the gw7 forums. πŸ™‚


  31. By:Jeff May

    Will you create plugins for ConsoleOne?

    What is the next management interface after iManager and when is it coming?

    iManager basically sucks.

  32. By:Tom Stone


    Sorry for not responding sooner.

    Almost any calendar application has nicer looking output including your main competitor. Here is a link to Microsoft’s Outlook calendar printing assistant for example.

    There have been several annoying bugs in the GroupWise calendar printing function for years. One that I constantly hear about is trying to print a monthly calendar. GroupWise thinks that a month only contains 4 weeks when in reality many months span 5 weeks and sometimes 6 in the overall view. (ie the 1st is on a Friday in the 1st week and the 31st is on the Monday of the 6th week.) GroupWise just truncates the final week and a half. September and December of 2007 are good examples of this problem.

    Try using the HTML output feature. It just looks crude. Why can’t a month look like a month without repeating the month header for every week. Also, if you try to create a month it truncates the last week just like the paper print out that I mentioned above.

    Just try using it for a while and you will see how quirky it is. It is embarrassing
    to show this to people.

  33. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Thank you!!

    This will help us do the right thing. We will take a look and at the very least – fix a few bugs πŸ™‚


  34. By:Rixter

    Comment / bug-fix for GW Connector for Outlook.

    We’re using the new 7.02 GW Connector, we’ve found that in Outlook only the default email account displays from GW contacts

    In GW you have have multiple email addresses for a contact, of course only one is a primary address. In Outlook there is also the capability to have multiple email addresses per contact. The problem is that the connector only enumerates the first email address in Outlook. Hopefully this is fixed with Bonsai. Who can I report this to for GW 7?


  35. By:Julian Orange


    Lots of talk about bonsai but *please* can you make available a complete list of fixes and new features that bonsai will cover? As it’s nearing public beta there must be a list somewhere! How about a roadmap of GW products? The main Novell GW product page links to a demo of bonsai but provides no information about it. Trawling forums and blogs is not the best way to get the information on the new product. This is very important to those who are considering implementing GW for the first time and to those endeavoring to keep it.

  36. By:Dean Lythgoe

    We are planning major administration refresh in the release after Bonsai – code named “Monterrey”.

    It will not be ConsoleOne and probably not iManager. It will be a combination of a Web Console as well as an application. In Bonsai, we have created a new Admin API in Java and we expect to leverage that to build this new Management Console. We will probably SOAPize the API as well and expose it to our partners.

    There is still a lot of design and thought that needs to go into this, but that is the current thinking.

  37. By:Dean Lythgoe

    I will log this defect for you.


  38. By:Dean Lythgoe

    Yes we will. It is all about timing πŸ™‚ When we begin the authorized BETA,just a few weeks away, we will publish a comprehensive list of new features. Bug fixes are more difficult to laundry list, but we will pick out the major ones and add them to the list.


  39. Hey Guys,
    How about creating an Admin settable Attachment Size restriction or even just a message size restriction. Currently this is a settable GWIA setting, but users can still send HUGE attachments internally. That chews up space very quickly. Plus, now to be in compliance, you really are supposed to archive all of those huge attachments!


  40. By:Alex Evans

    Michael – those settings have been there for years. Look in the link configuration tool.