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Bonsai Update!


June 20, 2008 3:49 pm





We have just released 7.0.3 HP. We had planned to have Bonsai BETA 4 out by now, but we are still working on a few of the BETA 4 exit criteria. Things are looking good for June 30-July 15th. BETA 4 is currently our final planned authorized Bonsai BETA. The next BETA (BETA 5) will be PUBLIC!!!

The engineering team continues to work extremely hard on our quality metrics and meeting all of our exit criteria. The Q/A team continues to expand performance and system tests while testing components, new features and regressing defects.

In addition, internal rollout of Bonsai within the Novell organization is in full swing. We currently have 5 Post Offices running on Bonsai – that represents about 500 users. We expect to have roughly 2000 Novell employees using Bonsai by the end of July. We have Bonsai MTAs, GWIAs and GWINTER agents also running on Bonsai. We will begin prompting the Windows Client and pushing out Linux/Mac Client to these users on these Bonsai Post Offices in July. So far, things are going very well!

We have also had a few of our BETA sites that have pushed out into production. Although against our recommendation – we are encouraged to hear that there have been few problems to report for them and results have been very positive.

We are on track! We still have a ways to go, but things are getting closer and closer! We will continue to evaluate our progress and make adjustments as we meet each milestone.

Alex Evans and I will continue to use this and other multiple forums to communicate status and updates. This is going to be a great release – solid, high quality, lots of great features and much anticipated!!

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  1. By:sixminutemile

    Thank you for the update. No doubt there has been marked progress. I am working to run an organized IT infrastructure group. Email is an important part of our responsibilities.

    It is difficult to maintain an organized plan without a set of target dates from vendors around which we can plan our activities. I recommend publishing a date for the public beta and the general availability release. Dates can slip and people like me can adjust.

    At this point if you can’t put an arrival date on the end of the tunnel, the light is probably another train.

  2. By:jsauve

    We are a Gold Workgroup Partner in the Montreal area, and part of the Authorized BETA. We have been running BONSAI – in production! – since BETA 1. Yes, against Novell’s recommendation…call it faith!

    We are now running BETA 3, and everything we have thrown at it has been working…pretty darn well! We have Windows, Linux and Mac users, so the clients are all being worked with. We have a BES server with about a dozen Blackberries…all working fine. We have installed Omni’s RIVA CRM integration for integration with SugarCRM…works GREAT! The only thing we haven’t yet tried is the integration with Teaming + Conferencing, which we run here as well.

    All in all, we find BONSAI to be an excellent release, especially for the end-user. I know that a lot of my users will love some of the new features.