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Boot Loader Revamped


January 9, 2009 9:30 am

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Revamp your boot loader using custom image of your choice.

Step 1: Convert image to desired format

convert -depth 8 -colors 14 -resize 640x480 \  /home/domnic/grub-pics/photo.jpg

Change path to the image as per your system/choice.

Step 2: Compress it to the gz format

cd /home/domnic/grub-pics
gzip photo.xpm

Step 3: Copy the compressed file to the GRUB directory

Copy file output from Step 2.

photo.xpm.gz in my case to /boot/grub directory

cp /home/domnic/grub-pics/photo.xpm.gz /boot/grub

Step 4: Edit GRUB config to set the image

Open the GRUB configuration file grub.conf or menu.lst depending on your system.

Change the following:

splashimage=/grub/splash.xpm.gz to
splashimage=/grub/photo.xpm.gz to

Reboot the system and voila you have your own custom boot screen.

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