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October 23, 2006 11:58 am





Six months to BrainShare 2007 – and we’re working on proposed sessions.

The big thing is the Next Generation of ZENworks – I’ve blogged about that before.

I am proposing four sessions – co-presenting with Mark Schouls:

  • ZENworks: Live Migration from ZENworks 7 to Next Generation
  • ZENworks: Next Generation in an all Windows environment
  • ZENworks: Next Generation and the Vista lifecycle
  • ZENworks: Next Generation. Architecture, Planning and Migration


[Update – Cool Solutions is looking for your feedback.]

Written at: Salt Lake City, UT

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  1. By:eric

    Vista please! Will you be showing managing Vista?

  2. By:Another Eric

    Would the new ZEN management portal (control center?) not deserve its own session? It’s a giant change that’s been a looong time coming. ZEN hasn’t been Zero-Effort-Networking like it used to be, thanks in big part to ConsoleOne’s clunky old interface. Please tell me we can finally get rid of Consoleone!

  3. Another Eric

    You’ll have ZENworks taking over BrainShare 😉

    There probably will not be a session just on the ‘ZENworks Control Center’ – we will mix in the new management console into all of the Next Generation sessions that we deliver.

  4. By:Another Eric

    Ok, I will have to trust you on this.

  5. By:Dave

    What about Linux?

    You need to showcase ZENworks for Linux, and especially the functionality to make it an alternative to RedHat’s Satellite server.

    And definitely have a course on ZENworks as part of a larger IT management framework, like ITIL (which seems to be all the rage these days). You need to be specific about the features of ZENworks that directly support those frameworks.

  6. We will have //lots// of ZENworks sessions – covering a lot of new areas. The ones I highlighted were specifically sessions that I was proposing. ZENworks Linux Management will be covered in depth.

  7. Hey…let’s not forget that the focus this year will be one “highly technical sessions” with lots and lots of demo’s, and other cool things. After 9 years of back-to-back BrainShare, I can honestly say that this is going to be the most exciting year ever.

  8. By:Dan Martin

    The all windows environment is a good one, but what about an all OES environment? Yes, I know that seems simple, but it gets more difficult to plan moving forward. Can we also get a detailed understanding of directory interaction moving forward? Just a thought.

  9. By:Ron van Herk

    Hi Dan,

    Traditionally it always has been more easy to implement ZENworks against a NetWare back-end compared to using a Windows back-end. Due to the fact that we need eDirectory with the current ZENworks versions there are some specific additional steps that need to be taken when you want to put ZEN in a pure MS environment.
    With the next generation ZENworks connecting with eDirectory will still be very easy, the big difference however is that AD environments (or environments where only part of the company uses eDirectory) it will be just as easy as we will be able to connect to AD directly. I assume that the session from Martin will go into the features like assigning something to containers within AD and when users are moved from one place within the AD environments to another they will automatically get the right application assignments, this is something that eDirectory users already know but for an AD environment this is quit unique.
    I agree, we shouldn’t forget our traditional customers that either run OES, NetWare or SLES, the point is that the new features within Brimstone will be similar for all platforms. It would be a bit weird to name the Archtitecture session “Next Generation. Architecture, Planning and Migration for OES, Linux, NetWare and Windows”, I think the name “Next Generation. Architecture, Planning and Migration” is enough.
    Thanks for the feedback, it’s good to see this kind of feedback as it helps us to determine what to focus on during our sessions.

  10. I’d counter this by talking about the ‘platform’ being the directory.

    It is most easy to implement against eDirectory – the OS platform is really not that much of an issue (NetWare, Linux, OES, Windows).

    Implementation and integration with Active Directory today requires use of Novell Identity Manager; we include this in the box (and have done for four years).

    In the Next Generation ZENworks will be as easy to implement against Active Directory as it is against eDirectory.