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BrainShare 2013 Cyber Monday Sale

Bret Fitzgerald


November 26, 2012 1:32 pm

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You know you’ve been digging all over online today trying to find the BEST deal on an iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy s3 or an iPad Mini. So instead of digging for the best deal on BrainShare – we’re just going to give it to you here.

Use registration code CYBER and new registrants get $200 off BrainShare 2013 registration immediately. This deal is good until midnight tonight, Mountain Standard Time – so HURRY.

At BrainShare you can meet product developers, get advanced technical training and learn how to deal with an increasingly mobile workforce.

Think you’ll have time to register after the holidays? Don’t kid yourself. BrainShare is February 3-7, and you’ll be busy provisioning new devices. Get the first step out of the way and save $200 by using CYBER and registering now.

Again “¦ This deal is good until midnight tonight, Mountain Standard Time. New registrants only. Use registration code CYBER.

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