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BrainShare Buddies 2009


November 19, 2008 8:39 am





For BrainShare “Newbies” there’s a lot to figure out. We can help with advice on courses to focus on, getting you connected to a local NUG, provide advice on setting up a new NUG, connect you to sponsor parties, and give you a useful tour of the Salt Palace on Sunday.

Experienced BrainShare attendees should pay attention to the schedule changes this year. The concert is on Monday and requires the additional IT Central pass. Sponsors (vendors) will be there from Tuesday through Thursday this year instead of Sunday through Wednesday as in year’s past. Also, if you’re part of a NUG or want to start a NUG and will be around on Sunday, we can also use additional tour guides to lend a hand. And we’ll try to match you up with folks from your area.

Need special assistance while at BrainShare? Did you know you can get ASL translators, special meals, or other assistance by contacting BrainShare support?

BrainShare Buddies is branching out this year and becoming a tad more “formal”. This started as a part of the WMNUG group’s attempt to help “spread the wealth” of knowledge to our members who couldn’t attend or were going for the first time. The WMNUG crew makes sure we all can reach each other, that everyone has a place to stay, and that they have someone they can call if they need assistance (like if we get sick). We’d love to see other NUGs do they same thing for their members and reach out to others, especially those traveling from outside the US to make sure everyone has a good BrainShare experience.

Check out the facebook page for BrainShare this year to keep updated o what’s happening or to post questions. Feel free to post questions/comments here as well. Mary will be watching at least 2 sites for questions about BrainShare.

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