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BrainShare: The Next Generation

Bret Fitzgerald


June 24, 2014 2:29 pm





With the new Star Wars films on the way, many fans are trying to decide how to introduce the youngest generation to the films. Even the generation that grew up with the prequel films is old enough to have kids of its own. In what order should kids new to Star Wars watch the films? Do you tell them who Darth Vader is? Should you let them play the games or read the books, since there are spoilers in those? When should you let them watch the films? There are so many monumental questions.

StarWarsNovell is grappling with a similar situation in regard to BrainShare. BrainShare has spanned decades and generations of IT professionals. Most attendees have been loyal Novell customers for a long time. It’s part of what makes BrainShare (and Novell) so great—creating stability that so many tech companies seek. But, how do you introduce the power of Novell to start building the next generation of fans? Just like Vader unveiled his true identity to Luke, it’s time for you—our loyal fans—to introduce your “real” self to your younger colleagues. You don’t have to execute Order 66 on everything they’re currently comfortable with, but passing along your great experiences with Novell can have a huge impact on the life of your organization. Your padawans will be ready for any trials that might come up while you’re not around, and they’ll be able to integrate new products into your Novell infrastructure later on.

If you know someone under 30 that doesn’t know about Novell—or know enough about Novell—invite them to attend BrainShare 2014 with you. Or if you’re not able to attend, encourage them to. They’ll be able to learn firsthand the value of the products your organization relies on and see products from our sister companies Attachmate and NetIQ, and they’ll appreciate that nobody’s using Jedi mind tricks on them. It’ll be their first step into a larger world. The legacy can continue, and Novell can be the Force surrounding, penetrating and binding IT together.

To celebrate the next generation of Novellers … if you’re attending BrainShare 2014 and would like to bring an additional employee under the age of 30 send your requests to and we’ll get you a 40% discount on BrainShare 2014 attendance.

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