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Business Service Management (BSM)… is it relevant???


May 5, 2010 7:41 am





BSM is one of those terms that is confusing to people. In some cases people discount it right away and are not even interested in discussing it since it sounds a bit boutique. When we break down the different features and benefits you get when driving towards BSM, it starts to become interesting to most people. Business Service Management is a way to map the Business to IT, or mapping the technologies to the applications and services. The “Business” may be stock trading, order fulfilment, hosting, credit card processing, etc, etc, etc. Here are some typical projects where BSM can help.

  • I have several monitoring tools, lots of screens to look at. I rely on my most expierenced staff to look at the different consoles and determine what is really impacted, which item is the most important to work on first.
  • When we have an outage, we typically get the entire team on the call in order to “quickly” determine what technology caused the error/alarm, what is down, who is seeing what, can we restart the technology now to fix the problem, etc, etc, etc.
  • We oursourced our IT department and we have SLA’s set up with the vendor. I am relying on the vendor to monitor the environment and report back monthly of any SLA violations.
  • Our business is unique, we have many home grown applications that are used to process orders, there are only a few people within my company that fully understand all of the technologies we use.
  • We are an ISP (MSP, ASP, etc), we need to provide dashboards to our customers (internal and external) with historical health of the services we provide. The dashboards also needed to show the current health of the service, transaction volumes, active help desk tickets and several metrics that are unique to our service offerings.
  • We need to reduce our costs within IT, and/or we need to reduce downtime and/or we need to show better value to the business and/or we need to reduce risk of change and/or we need to prioritize the problems we work on first.
  • There are several other areas where BSM can help, it typically starts by looking at the projects you have today and driving towards a solution to the problem.

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