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Changes to the Novell, NetIQ, MicroFocus, Borland Forums


March 4, 2016 12:52 pm





Have you noticed some changes to the Novell forums at over the past couple of months?   We’re undergoing a process/effort to consolidate forums for all Micro Focus portfolio products into a single site.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and are deaf AND blind, chances are you’ve noticed that Micro Focus is consolidating our product portfolio.  You see it on the web sites which are now branded Micro Focus.  You see it in communication coming from our company.  Let’s start out with a little bit of forum history.  Here we go:


After Novell merged with SUSE,  SUSE product forums were added to the Novell forum site.   When The Attachmate Group bought Novell, it was decided to run the business units independently and have separate Novell, SUSE, and NetIQ forum sites.  We heard a lot of customers complain that they wished the forums were integrated to make it easier for those customers who ran a mixed portfolio of TAG products.   Enter Micro Focus.  The Micro Focus management team saw the value in integrating Micro Focus, Borland, Novell, and NetIQ into a single brand and product portfolio.


Work has been underway to consolidate these forums without losing content and we’re taking it in steps.   Luckily, the Novell and the NetIQ forums use the same platform so it has been easy to mirror content of the NetIQ forums onto the Novell forum site.  This has been happening for quite a while so the same conversations exist in both places.  The legacy “Novell” forum site has been changed into the Micro Focus forum site as the place that will host all Micro Focus forums.  Soon the URL of  and will redirect to where you’ll find the historical and ongoing conversations on the old NetIQ and Novell sites, with the addition of forums for other Micro Focus products.


First of all, the knowledge pool will no longer be split, but will reside on a single site.  More people looking at, and being involved with more things on a single site can only improve the potential for good discussion.    The Micro Focus forums use the same login as the NetIQ forums so login and your account will be seamless between these two sites.   If you’re a NetIQ customer, when you login at you can carry on with your conversations and searching just as you did on the stand alone NetIQ forum site.   My suggestion here is to start using the forums at now so you will have the benefit of the increased content and community number of participants. By doing so you can also help us find any problems that may exist in our infallible plan. (Perish the thought!)


The heritage Micro Focus and Borland forums are not using the same platform so that integration work is a little more difficult and will be a little slower.  However, integrated links to those forums are now found on our Micro Focus forum site.  Work is ongoing to truly integrate all forums into a single platform at a single URL so you’ll see these changes take place in the future.


Of course we fully expect all these changes to go perfectly smoothly, transparent to all our customers, with not a single problem encountered along the way.  We also believe the moon is made of Swiss cheese, so let’s get real.  There will probably be issues and I want to be able to address any issue you have.  The easiest and quickest way to do this is for you to use the CONTACT US link that exists in the footer of any forum page.  That sends and email directly to me and I’ll be happy to work with you on any issue and/or take your suggestions.


As you’ve probably read in various news releases, SUSE remains a separate portfolio as the company has determined the Linux and open source community will work better under a single portfolio.  On the new Micro Focus forum site, you’ll find a link to our existing SUSE forum site, which is on the same platform and shares login credentials so jumping across the two forum sites will be relatively painless.

One last word of advice is the often quoted saying “The only stupid question is an unasked one”.  People in our forum community are friendly and many are willing to help.   Don’t hesitate to jump in and ask a question, even if you think it’s a simple one.  Hundreds of people peruse our forums every day.  Someone may have the same question as you and will be grateful you asked it.  The other side of the coin is that the community is only  as valuable as it’s participants.  If you see someone’s question or issue you have an opinion about, share it.  If you have some information nobody has asked about yet, but you think would be of value to the community, post it.   It’s all about knowledge sharing, in any form we can get it.

Thanks for working with us as we make this ongoing transition.  Soon there will be one ring er….forum site to rule them all, and everyone benefits.


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  1. By:jlodom

    What will this mean for NNTP access to the forums? Will it still exist? Will the namespaces be changing? Will we need to point to different servers?

    • By:kgroneman

      Good question. I probably should have addressed that. The short answer is: No change for NNTP. That’s good and bad at the same time. On the web we can rearrange and rename forums to change with the times. The NNTP protocol doesn’t allow for this. If we create new forums, we lose the existing data. We’ll keep the existing NNTP forum structure as is, even if the naming conventions are a little dated. I hope that answers your question.