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August 3, 2007 6:09 am





Just like many others I’m looking forward to the release of ZENworks Configuration Management, together with my colleagues from support I’ve been actively working on this for about half a year now while supporting the beta program.

As you all know, ZCM is build on our new architecture and has been build up from the ground. With a change like this it also means that customers will need to get used to the new product and sometimes it might take some time to find the replacement for a particular feature in the old version.
In the past few months several people have asked me “I want to assign that bundle as force-run, how can I do that?”. Well with ZENworks Configuration Management you first indicate where the icon for this bundle needs to show up, and next you can define the Distribution, Launch and Availability schedules. In the Launch schedule can be specified when to run this bundle, selecting “At device Refresh” or “Now” are the replacements of the Force Run option in ZENworks 7. After you’ve seen it for a few times you’ll find it quite easy and wonder why you might not have seen it the first time you looked at it.

OK, so what is the good news, the documentation will have an overview with some of the ZENworks 7 features and an explanation on where these can be found within ZENworks Configuration Management.

Thanks to the documentation guy’s.

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  1. By:Ian

    Ron, are there any screenshots out there of the management interface we could take a look at?

  2. By:john

    I heard it was to ship on the 3rd of August. IS that not the case?

  3. By:Ron van Herk

    We are in the final testing stage and running some internal production pilots, we are getting close……

    As soon as it’s out, I’m sure there will be a post on the blog 😉

  4. By:Ron van Herk

    I would suggest to have a look at the ZENworks Control Center quick start at:

    It explains the basics on the new management interface

    Does that help?

  5. By:Logan

    hey guys,

    was just wanting to know, now that Zenworks uses a web interface, and it is replacing configuring zenworks through consoleone, as groupwise (iManager), what is the status of consoleone these days, as the new zenworks and groupwise versions that are coming out soon will be the first versions not to use consoleone anymore.

    Also, is there going to be a server side console to configure zenworks (non-web) in the future?

  6. By:Ian

    Yes, that’s great. I wasn’t aware that there were docs out there yet for it. Thanks.

  7. Logan

    It’s all web based now. You can drop your servers in a closet and forget about them.

    To compare like-with-like we’ve never had a server side console for ZENworks on NetWare – NWAdmin or ConsoleOne on Windows only.

  8. By:Mickey

    ZENworks Server Manaqement was web based AND consoleone based?

    You could do almost everything in the web.