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Changing Listen Port for iFolder 3.6


March 7, 2008 8:53 am





by Nitin Purswani

iFolder is a collaborative application used for sharing your files across the network and across platforms. The iFolder 3.6 is configured behind Apache. If you change the default port for Apache, you must configure iFolder for that port.Currently, iFolder 3.6 is not automatically configured at any port other than port 80.This cool tip gives you the details for changing the default port of Apache on OES 2 and for configuring iFolder for that port.

To change the default port (Default HTTP port is 80) for Apache2 on OES2:

  1. Open the file /etc/apache2/listen.conf
  2. Change Listen 80 to Listen 81.
  3. Run rcapache2 restart to restart Apache.
NOTE: You must ensure that you have opened the firewall for port 81.

1.0 iFolder 3.6 Server Configuration

1.1 Configuring iFolder Using YaST

Figure 1 iFolder System Configuration Options

When you configure iFolder 3.6, change the iFolder Public URL and Private URL by appending the port number to the IP address. Configure the rest of the options as described in the iFolder 3.6 Administration Guide.

Figure 2 Appending the Port

NOTE: iFolder port to listen on option is currently not functioning and it is a known issue, which will be fixed in the forthcoming release.

1.2 Configuring iFolder 3.6 Using Command Line Interface

  • To configure iFolder through terminal console, run the script given below:
  • /opt/novell/ifolder3/bin/simias-server-setup 
  • There are two inputs for Public IP and Private IP addresses. Instead of selecting the default options, you must change the IP address by appending the port number to the IP address as shown below:
    • Public Url:-
    • Private Url:-
  • To configure iFolder Web Admin server,
  • Run /opt/novell/ifolder3/bin/ifolder-admin-setup
  • To configure iFolder Web Access server,
  • Run /opt/novell/ifolder3/bin/ifolder-web-setup

1.3 Reconfiguring iFolder

  1. Open the file /var/simias/data/simias/Simias.config

    The file contains the following section:

    <section name="Server">
     <setting name="Name" value="HOST1"/>
     <setting name="PublicAddress" 	value=""/>
     <setting name="PrivateAddress" value=""/>
     <setting name="RAPath" value="/var/simias/data"/>
  2. Change the value of PublicAddress and PrivateAddress by appending port to the IP address as shown below.
    <setting name="PublicAddress" value="" />
    <setting name="PrivateAddress" value="" />

1.4 Reconfiguring Web Admin and Web Access

After you reconfigure iFolder, you must update the web.config files for Web Access and Web Admin based on the new configuration settings.

  1. Edit the web.config file for Web Access:
    1. Open the file /opt/novell/ifolder3/lib/simias/webaccess/Web.config
    2. Change the value of local host in <add key=”SimiasUrl” value=”http://localhost/” /> to the IP address of the iFolder server and append the port to that address on which iFolder server is configured.
    <add key="SimiasUrl" value="" />
  2. Edit the web.config file for Web Admin:
    1. Open the file /opt/novell/ifolder3/lib/simias/admin/Web.config
    2. Change the settings <add key=”SimiasUrl” value=”http://localhost/” /> to <add key=”SimiasUrl” value=”” />
  3. At the terminal console, enter rcapache2 restart to restart the Apache Web server
NOTE: The Web Access server ,Web Admin server and iFolder 3.6 server need not be on same the machine

1.5 Client Connection to The Server

You must access the URL for Linux and Windows client to connect to server

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