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Changing the Starting Page in Novell Teaming to a Landing Page


June 24, 2010 5:33 pm





When users log into Novell Teaming, they automatically begin in their personal workspaces. However, if a company uses Teaming as an intranet or if an administrators don’t want users to begin at their personal workspaces, you can change this by doing the following*:

1. Create the landing page workspace that you want users to first see when they log in if you haven’t already created it.

2. Make sure to set the access control settings for that workspace to allow All Users to be visitors. If you want to allow guest users to see this page, then you need to enable guest access for the site and then add Guest as a visitor to this page. This is what you would do if you were also utilizing Teaming as a public portal

3. On your landing page, make sure to include either the left sidebar, or, if that has been hidden, add the Utility/Sign-in Form to the landing page. This ensures that people can log in.

4. Click Manage > Configure and create a simple URL for that workspace. For example, you might leave the first part of the URL blank and use home as the second part of the URL. This would make the URL look like “” in our example.

5. Go to the server system and open webapps/teaming/WEB-INF/web.xml in an editor.

6. Look for the following section of the file:

landingPagePath /ssf/a/

7. Change /ssf/a/ to whatever you changed the url to be. In our example, we change it to /teaming/home.

8. Save the file and restart the Teaming server. Now, when you go to the base Teaming URL, you start at your landing page.

Now your entry page is set to whatever landing page you set it to. As mentioned before, this is great for an organization that uses Teaming as a public portal or an intranet.

Teaming Library

A similar article about this can be found on Kablink.

*The next release of Teaming addresses this issue and allows administrators to do this through the UI.

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  1. By:MastMartin

    If you change the Starting page to a Landing page in this kind, you have to be aware that this is a global change for all Teaming-zones.

    So after the change you always get a 404-error of the apache, when you build a new zone of teaming and you enter the new virtual hostname as URL. You have to add /ssf/a to the URL to get the regular Starting page for login. Logged-in you should build a Landing page in the new zone and give her the same simple URL as in the other zones.

    That’s all, if you know that. Happy teaming!