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Cheat Sheet: Get Your Training Tips from the Experts



March 20, 2009 3:24 pm





Cheat Sheet: Get Your Training Tips from the Experts
by Bill Tobey
Novell Connection Magazine – March 2009

Here’s an excerpt:

If you’ve been keeping up on Novell news, you know that GroupWise 8 is now available, and it’s worth the upgrade! recently highlighted the new release as one of its 2009 Products to Watch, noting its multi-platform support, user-customizable dashboards, and integration of e-mail, calendaring, contacts and task management with Web 2.0 collaboration tools to enhance user productivity. While the new installation program makes it easy to upgrade existing systems, you might want to bookmark the following tips from the Novell team that recently finished migrating its own 4,100 worldwide users.

Cheat Number 1: Always update your primary domain first. This may seem obvious, but as the main administrative unit for the GroupWise system, the primary domain logically organizes all system post offices for addressing and routing purposes. And its database handles eDirectory user synchronization for the entire system. All updates must begin here.

Begin your update process by backing up the primary domain database. Next, run the GroupWise installation program and follow the prompts through the agent update. If installing on NetWare or Linux, the agents can remain running while the update is installed, but when updating a Windows system, the agents need to be shutdown first.

When the install has completed, restart the message transfer agent (MTA), which will use the newly installed data dictionary files to restructure the primary domain database. When the primary domain recovers, you can proceed with updating post offices under the primary domain or begin updating secondary domains. Note: You must update a post office’s own domain before the post office itself.

When a post office is updated and its post office agent (POA) is restarted, the agent will use the new post office dictionary files to update the post office database. Like the domain, a post office update is not complete until you update the database and have completed the recovery process. Remember that users cannot access the post office while the POA is shut down.

When updating GroupWise on a Windows platform, take the POA down during a new code installation. The agent need not remain down, however, on any platform while the post office database recovers. Existing GroupWise clients can still access their accounts during this process, but you must complete the recovery before any GroupWise 8 clients can connect.

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