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March 3, 2008 4:40 pm





Power Switch

Coolblogs is all about open discussions with customers, it however has one very big limitation, there is just a few Novell people that blog and customers are only able to respond. This limitation disappeared with the introduction of the new Cool Solutions Community pages where we allow customers to write blog posts as well.
You have seen that a few of our Cool Bloggers already moved house and started to blog on the Cool Solutions Communities page, we hope that this will improve the interaction with the user community.

OK, so what will happen with Cool Blogs? Should we keep both Cool Solutions and Coolblogs? No, we will be closing down Cool Blogs………

I’ts been great to see the comments on the blog and I hope we will continue to see this feedback coming in on the Cool Solutions pages.

Thank you all and see you at the Cool Solutions Community page.

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  1. By:John

    Well thanks for the input Ron. I have yet to find a blog under the “new” system so explain how this is better?
    At the moment it is pretty simple for us simple folk lets click on “blogs” now we need to go where to see all the blogs.

  2. By:John Yorke

    I agree… and no I am not the same John.

    In Cool Blogs it is easy to keep up on all the postings related to Novell products and since all the blogs show up in one place it is easy to keep up to date. I can’t find blogs on the new site. You need to search which requires you to know what to search. For example this current post… what would make this something I would find and read on the new system? I can’t see myself ever searching for “Ron van Herk” and under the new system I am guessing people are using aliases as well. Would I need to search “Closing Down”?

    Not everything new is better. The new section is graphically better but doesn’t seem as readable.

  3. By:Eric

    Can you at least move all the cool blogs threads (with comments intact) over to the new Cool Solutions Communities? There is a lot of valuable information in the Cool Blogs which sometimes cannot be found anywhere else (which is another problem..). It would be a great loss if Cool Blogs goes away completely.

  4. By:Ian

    On the lines of what has already been said, I haven’t found a blog at the new Cool Solutions Communities page. The simple solution to this issue would be to aggregate all blogs made at the new page by Novell employees or Novell employed OpenSuse community members back to here here in a simple easy to read layout. This should be an easy task to accomplish.