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A Collaborative Culture Can’t Thrive Without the Right Software


February 19, 2019 9:08 am





Collaboration tools have revolutionized the way people work. These tools make geographic barriers irrelevant and empower users to be productive anywhere and anytime. Good collaboration solutions allow employees to access documents and business data faster; They can access the information and people they need to make decisions and move the business forward, and they can do it in real time.

In a Stanford University study, workers who were primed to act collaboratively stuck to tasks 64 percent longer than their peers who worked alone. A joint study between the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Babson College found that companies that promoted collaborative working were five times as likely to be high performing than companies that did not promote collaborative working.

In addition to breaking down geographic barriers and providing employees instant access to the information they need to get work done, the right collaboration products can significantly enhance your business in other ways as well. Chief among them:

  • Increased transparency. Teams can more easily monitor a project’s movement, facilitate discussions, and showcase progress to stakeholders.
  • More effective problem-solving. When projects hit a roadblock, team members can use collaborative tools such as video conferencing, team workspacing, and screen sharing to resolve issues quickly.
  • Efficient crisis planning. Collaboration tools greatly assist with connecting everyone in an organization to the information and resources they need to manage an emergency in real time.

Making tools available is not enough. The tools themselves need to make employees feel collaborative and, just as important, companies need to nurture a culture of communication and remove roadblocks to collaborating quickly. Only then will meaningful business results emerge.

To nurture a culture of communication and collaboration, you need to:

  • Communicate your expectations for collaboration clearly
  • Create a safe environment for communication
  • Share knowledge and resources

Build your expectations about teamwork and collaboration into the onboarding and new-hire training process. Craft employee job descriptions that details the roles you expect the employee to carry out collaboratively, along with details about the employee’s own individual roles.

Effective team collaboration hinges on open and truthful communication. If you create a working environment in which employees feel safe from judgment, they are more likely to speak openly and contribute ideas. The safer you make the environment for communicating, the more collaborative team members will be.

People feel more empowered to contribute when they are on an even playing field. Making it possible for your teams to share knowledge and insight helps to instill this empowerment. File sharing, for example, is an excellent way to give employees access to the expertise and resources they need. Another tool of empowerment: spaces (physical and virtual) where teams can share knowledge, discuss their successes and failures, and give each other constructive feedback.

Invest in the Right Tools

All your efforts to foster a culture of open communication and teamwork will fall short if you don’t invest in the right team collaboration products. You need a solution that doesn’t hinder collaboration. Avoid tools that are cumbersome for employees to use, not mobile-friendly, or that don’t scale well. We believe our Enterprise Messaging collaboration software suite offers everything that you and your employees need to support a collaborative culture, enabling secure, easy business collaboration anywhere, anytime.

Experience teamwork without obstacles. Try Enterprise Messaging today.


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