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May 15, 2007 11:38 am





I am planning two Blog entries today – this one being the first. A couple of weeks ago we released an SP1 for GroupWise Mobile Server. There is a PDF doc here with details on the update – Disclaimer: It’s on our FTP server so it will get expired after a little while – the same docs are available in the SP1 download.

What else? The GroupWise Gateway for Notes SP1, and the GroupWise Gateway for Exchange SP2:

Fixes in the Exchange Gateway SP2

  • During installation, the proxy DLL files are always copied, so that the Addressing component always run successfully.
  • The Exchange Gateway creates a separate admin thread so that messages do not back up behind
    directory sync/exchange requests.
  • The Exchange Gateway starts reliably as a Windows service.
  • GroupWise appointments display in the Outlook* preview window.
  • The new /displaynamelastfirst startup switch causes the gateway to format GroupWise users?
    display names as Lastname, Firstname.
  • The new /useimportcontainer startup switch enables you to specify the import container to
    place GroupWise users in.
  • The new /noreadreceipt startup switch keeps read receipts from being requested when
    GroupWise messages pass through the gateway to Microsoft Exchange.
  • The Exchange Gateway can handle a Busy Search where a user?s SMTP Internet domain name
    is different from the Active Directory domain name.
  • The Exchange Gateway can handle a Busy Search where Exchange users have different domain
    and post office information in Exchange Administrator than they have in the external domains
    and post offices in ConsoleOne.
  • The Exchange Gateway correctly releases MAPI resources when processing messages with
    attachments larger than 100K coming from the Exchange system to the GroupWise system. This prevents the Exchange Gateway from running out of MAPI resources.
  • GroupWise Monitor can successfully monitor the gateway because the gateway maintains a
    stable HTTP connection.
  • Extended characters in plain text messages that have passed through the Exchange Gateway
    can be viewed in GroupWise WebAccess.
  • Images in message bodies that pass through the Exchange Gateway display correctly in
    GroupWise WebAccess.
  • In HTML messages in Outlook, a problem group of extended characters now displays correctly
    when the MIME encoding of the sending GroupWise client is set to UTF-8.
  • The Exchange Gateway no longer strips out extended characters between 128 and 160 when
    HTML messages are sent from Exchange to GroupWise.
  • When starting, if the Exchange Gateway detects a language code that it cannot process, it
    defaults to English. The gateway is available only in English.
  • Fixed a gateway crash.

Fixes in the Notes SP1

  • The Notes Gateway respects the setting selected in the External Sync Override field on the Account page of a User object in ConsoleOne.
  • After it reloads its configuration file, the Notes Gateway restarts its admin thread so that directory sync/exchange can continue and the gateway Web console continues to be available.
  • Long log messages display properly on the Notes Gateway server console.
  • Fixed some gateway crashes.
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