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May 30, 2006 7:36 pm





Measuring up

We’re working on the next round of improvements to Cool Blogs – and we are looking for feedback.

First we are looking to add ‘threaded comments’ – you know the kind of thing – nested comments so that relevant comments can be kept together.

The second piece we are looking to add is ratings for each post. This way you – our loyal readers – can do the right thing and vote with your mouse. More popular posts will be marked such. Maybe good bloggers can get T-Shirts… maybe the T-Shirts belong to the good comments…

The third piece we are working on is improved information about the Cool Bloggers themselves. Afterall – it would be interesting to read a little more about what these people actually do.

The final area we are working on is to aggregate posts from other Novell Cool Bloggers own Blogs. This is an interesting area of work; essentially Cool Blogs will become a centralised blog for lots of Novell people an their information and posts.

[Edit – I’ve also been asked about improved RSS – including Atom and better feed data – that’s on the list too.]

As always – comments welcome.

Written at: Draper, UT

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  1. By:Bob Jonkman

    I like to read the CoolBlogs through an Atom feed (RFC4287). Open standards, right?

  2. By:Jim Pye

    I subscribe via the RSS feed and one thing I notice is that the author of the blog is missing from the posting via this mechanism. I use Akregator as my aggregator if that makes a difference..


  3. Bob, Jim,

    Both excellent points.

    I am sitting down with the web team next week – I’ll make sure that the post metadata is exposed if possible – also I’ll see what we can do about other feed formats.

    As a side note WordPress (or blogging platform) supports Atom 0.3 feeds – this url may help

    Full Atom 1.0 compliant feeds are planned for the next release of WordPress.

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