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May 30, 2007 10:55 am






To help migrating to new hardware (with or without version upgrade), Novell has a tool called the ?Migration Wizard?. The version is now actually called the ?Novell Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit? aka SCMT and includes both the Migration and the Consolidation tool in one tool. This document however will mainly concentrate on Server migrations, even though all tuning recommendations are also got for server consolidations.

Generally, the Migration Wizard works quite well. However without proper tuning, migrations can be slow, and also, if something goes wrong, the person doing the migration can feel quite lost. So the purpose of this document is to give recommendations on tuning the server configurations so as to speed up the migration and reduce the risk of problems and also, this document will propose a number of extra safety steps that will make it easier for you to recover from failed migrations.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing the right migration tool
      2.1 Migration Wizard 8.1
      2.2 Migration Wizard 6.5
  3. Preparing the migration
      3.1 Stuff you need

        3.1.1 Hardware
        3.1.2 Software
        3.1.3 Other
      3.2 Preparing yourself
      3.3 Prepare your NDS tree

        3.3.1 Tree health
        3.3.2 Server certificates
        3.3.3 Special NDS preparation (upgrade to NetWare 6.x)
        3.3.4 Preinstall your licenses (upgrade to NetWare 6.x)
        3.3.5 Normalize and repair volume objects
      3.4 Preparing the source server

        3.4.1 Patch your server
        3.4.2 Tune the SET parameters
        3.4.3 Clean up AUTOEXEC.NCF
        3.4.4 Clean up your file system
        3.4.5 Reboot your server
        3.4.6 Backup your trustees
        3.4.7 Update HOSTS file
        3.4.8 Backup your NDS
      3.5 Preparing the destination server

        3.5.1 Verify your BIOS configuration
        3.5.2 Install your NetWare
        3.5.3 Clean up your AUTOEXEC.NCF
        3.5.4 Tune the server
        3.5.5 Update the HOSTS file
        3.5.6 Backup the NDS
      3.6 Preparing your migration workstation
      3.7 Connecting your servers and your workstation
  4. The Migration
      4.1 Step 0: starting the Migration Wizard and modelling your project

        4.1.1 Special considerations regarding the SYS volume
      4.2 Step 1: Copy File System Data
      4.3 Step 2: Edit Configuration Files
      4.4 Step 3: Begin NDS/eDirectory Migration
      4.5 Step 4: Finish the NDS/eDirectory Migration
  5. Post Migration tasks
      5.1 NetWare 6.5
      5.2 Older NetWare versions
  6. Troubleshooting
      6.1 Important TIDs regarding Migration issues
      6.2 How to recover from a failed migration

        6.2.1 Step 1 (Data copy)
        6.2.2 Step 3 (NDS migration)
        6.2.3 Step 4 (finish NDS migration/restore rights)
      6.3 Common error messages and their resolution

        6.3.1 %s is a NetWare 5.0 server. Install NICI patch 1.5.7 or newer on this server before proceeding with the migration, or data loss will occur!
        6.3.2 Invalid Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version
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