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Administer File Rights on NSS Volume on OES2 Linux Server Using ConsoleOne


April 8, 2009 1:55 pm






Download JNDIFS

Update to ConsoleOne needed to administer files on NSS volumes on OES2 Linux servers after the parameter:

has been added to:

Refers to TID 7001513 at

08/04/2009 – This fix is now available on the page at:


In ConsoleOne, select a volume or a folder on a NSS volume stored on OES2 Linux, right-click on it and select properties. This will open an error message in a separate window saying:

Error Message
Unable to get the attributes of the object
Unable to get the details for the selected object
Some pages may not be available.

The only available choice is to close, and the following message will appear:

no Property Pages Available

Here the only choice is OK, and you will be returned to the main window.

This happens beacuse OES2 linux Administrator has enabled




The general advice is to use iManager instead of ConsoleOne, but removing /ListXattrNWMetadata will make ConsoleOne behave normal again.

OR download the attached file JNDIFS.jar.
Stop your running ConsoneOne.
Copy your existing JNDIFS.jar to a safe place.
Copy in this new JNDIFS.jar where you found the old one.
Restart ConsoleOne, and start manage rights.

08/04/2009 – This fix is now available on the page at:

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  1. By:brachot

    On a eu le cas, le fix corrige bien notre pb.
    Cela a évité que l’on t’ouvre un incident de plus 😉


    • By:snobee

      Where is this file in the ConsoleOne folder? I don’t seem to have it, or where do I add the patched one?

      • By:Thnielsen

        Guess you are on Linux (correct me if I am wrong), and i just verified, that the file is not in my Linux ConsoleOne either – here it is called /usr/ConsoleOne/snapins/mach/JClientFS.jar
        But you cannot replace it with JNDIFS.jar
        Funny no-one founds this before ??? – I think chances will be “slim” to get the file for Linux.
        I will ask in the original bugreport.

      • By:brachot

        This file is in ConsoleOne\1.2\snapins\mach


  2. By:snobee

    @Thnielsen: Someone did mention this issue in the Novell Forums sometime back, but all he got was an automated sorry response. Both my OES2 servers don’t have the file. The interesting thing is I don’t even have the /ListXattrNWMetadata entry in my nssstart.cfg file, so I am pretty stuck with fixing this problem.