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  1. By:sveld

    Thx, that looks exactly like what we need descibed inour IDEA “Ability to login to the ZCMagent command line”

  2. By:sveld

    I only find a recent novell-zenworks-automation-hooks on a ZCM appliance, on any Windows Primary Server I look this zenworks-downloads/msi/novell-zenworks-automation-hooks file is ZCM 11 while the primary already is 2017.

  3. By:rynageswara

    Although the msi version doesn’t match with ZCM version, the functionality of auto-login exists and it should work with ZCM 11 as well.

  4. By:Posty

    First of all thank you very much for that wonderful cool-solutions-articel!

    I tested Method 1) and it worked like a charm, but please edit the part 1 of Method 1) to be more specific how the Response-File should look like.

    What i found out during my try-and-error-session:
    – don’ use any empty spaces
    – don’t use the { }

    Example Response-File:

    Again, thank you very much for sharing this Hint!