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Change File/Directory owner


August 22, 2005 4:54 am






Download chngownr

What it does:

  • Change File Directory owner for all Dir/files from current ant below.
  • Can change from UNKNOWN OWNER.
  • Can work with RUSSIAN File/Directory names.

Information about limitations:

  1. This script uses VFS (virtual file system). As a result – this script will work only with NetWare, where supported VFS.
    (NW6. NW6.5)
  2. This script tested only with NSS-volume
  3. This script does not use UCS/UCX
    (maybe this is good. I use VFS for get directory quota.)

How to Step by Step:

1. unpack to sys:\perl\scripts\

If your need change File/Dir owner as:

from vol1:\wrk\deps and below
from owner: .user1.org1.ogo to .owner .user3.ogo

run this script as:
(ATTANTION: in this example your tree has name: TESTREE)

perl sys:\perl\scripts\ vol1:wrk\deps .cn=user1.ou=org1.o=ogo.t=testtree. .cn=user3.o=ogo.t=testtree.

if you need LOG ALL FILES/DIR for changed OWNER, run as:

perl sys:\perl\scripts\ vol1:wrk\deps .cn=user1.ou=org1.o=ogo.t=testtree. .cn=user3.o=ogo.t=testtree. > sys:\result.txt

if you need change OWNER from UNKNOWN (old owner was deleted), run as:
perl sys:\perl\scripts\ volume:dir\dir1 “unknown user” .cn=user3.o=ogo.t=testtree.

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