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September 26, 2005 2:45 pm





Change.exe allows you to do bulk changes in single or multiple files. You can do search and replace, automatic or interactive, and apply various include/exclude criteria.

Syntax: CHANGE <filespec> /find= [options]
Each change will be shown and must be confirmed on the screen.
Pathnames and wildcards in filename are allowed.
Options: Optional parameters are:
  /replace=yyy   :   replacement text
  /u   :   ignore upper/lower cases
  /noconfirm   :   replace without confirmation
  /silent  :   replace without confirmation or display
  /verbose   :   verbose – display unchanged lines
  /sub   :   recurse through subdirectories
  /blanks  :   use ‘_’ to represent blanks in command line
  /quiet   :   quiet: do not display current file name
  /include=xxx   :   replace only if line contains xxx
  /exclude=xxx   :   replace only if line does not contain xxx
  /Pinclude=xxx   :   replace only if page contains xxx
  /Pexclude=xxx   :   replace only if page does not contain xxx
  Options are not case-sensitive and entered in any order.
  They may be appreviated as long as kept identifiable
Place Holders: Optional Place Holders:
  #CR   :   CRLF
  #TAB: tabulator
  #-#:empty string
  #PERC:’%’ character (may be req’ed in batch jobs)
  #QUOTE: ‘”‘ character
  #EOL: End of line
  #BOL: Begin of line
  #TIME:current time
  #DATE:current date
  #PATH:path name
  #FILE:file name
  #LINE:line number
  #COUNT: incremental counter (start: 1)
Examples: CHANGE P:SUB\*.DOC /Find=IBM /Repl=Novell /u
  CHANGE ABC.TXT /Find=IBM /Repl=”” /n /i /w
  CHANGE ABC.TXT /F=”This one” /Excl=”That one” /s
  CHANGE ABC.TXT /F=This_one /R=That_one /w /b
  CHANGE *.TXT /F=today /R=#DATE /s
  CHANGE *.TXT /F=good /R=evil /pinc=Microsoft

Restrictions: You need sufficient rights and disk space
Blanks in strings must be quoted or represented by ‘_’
Only ASCII text files are allowed

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