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checkServices Notification for GroupWise Mobility Service (GMS) Administration



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Notification service if any DataSync services/connectors go offline. The script restarts the services if any are found to be in a dead/unused state and sends an email to the administrator defined in the script file. The notification email contains the following information:

  • hostname of server
  • date/time when services were found offline
  • the list of services found offline
  • status of services after a restart attempt
  • the current log levels
  • an attachment with a copy of all the logs and other server information

Running the script manually displays the following and will appear in the notification email:

Checking for DataSync Config Engine:		running
Checking for DataSync Web Admin:		running
Checking for DataSync Connector Manager:	running
Checking for DataSync Engine:			running
Mobility Connector listening on port 443:	true
GroupWise Connector listening on port 4500:	true

When implemented with crontab, the script can be set to run every hour, for example. This allows an administrator to be notified of a failure before users complain. Edit the script file and replace with the desired administrator’s email. You can likewise configure a list of email address by placing them in single quotes separated by a comma and a space – ’email1, email2, email3′

To run the script regularly with crontab, just place the script file into /etc/cron.hourly to run hourly or /etc/cron.daily to run daily. Custom definitions can be made by editing the crontab file manually:

crontab -e

An example of running the script every 30 minutes:

*/30 * * * * /root/scripts/
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    Your crontab example entry results in the following error:

    crontab: installing new crontab
    “/tmp/crontab.XXXXtHDJc4”:1: bad minute
    errors in crontab file, can’t install.
    Do you want to retry the same edit?

    The correct syntax would be to use “*/30” (Asterisk/30) instead of “0/30” (Zero/30). Below:

    */30 * * * * /root/scripts/

  2. By:Thnielsen

    not able to download file

  3. By:vodobaas

    I tried to download the script and get a page unavailable. I connected with an ftp client and the directory was empty. Any suggestions?

  4. By:jclancy

    I use this script on our GMS servers that are installed on SLES 11 SP4. It is great and saves me a lot of headaches, thanks! However, it does not work correctly on our SLES 12 SP2 servers. Is there a modified version available for SLES 12?

    • By:tdharris

      Sorry for the delay, I verified the script against a SLES 12 SP2 server. It worked, but I did make one small change to grab the proper connector agent logs. What part isn’t working correctly on SLES 12? Is it restarting the service if down and is the email notification coming through?